My Best Friend

There are many people in our lives who have helped us out one time or another and many of them help again and again. Do you have that kind of person in your life and who is that special person to you? Is it your mom, sister, grandma, aunt, close friend, or teacher? To me that special person is my sister.

As children we played together and caused trouble together… oh and tormented our younger brother together. Then we got older and she started to annoy me….a lot. Circumstances changed as they often do in life and I moved into with our dad and she came along too but it wasn’t long before she moved back into our mom’s house.

We spent the majority of our middle and high school years apart, time that we could have reconnected and created long lasting bond between sisters that just can’t be broken. It’s something that I regret not doing and feel like I’ve missed out on something important.

Fast-forward many years. My sister and I have a great relationship now we talk every single day whether it’s on the phone, text messaging, or IMing online. She really is my best friend.

My sister has been here for me through some difficult times… my divorce, two miscarriages, and of course all the antics of raising a little boy (I have 3 girls and a 15 month old son where as she has 2 boys 3 & 5yrs old).

To some it may not seem like much…she’s your sister… it’s what sisters do. But to me it’s everything and more because of where we came from, where we started, the way our lives have changed, and how we have grown and come together as sisters should.

Without her I would have an emptiness that could never be filled. She’s my friend, my confidant, and most of all she’s my sister.

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