Moody Sisters Review

I love finding new skin care products! Soaps, lotions, perfumes, and everything in between… if you were to look at the top of my dresser or my bathroom closet you may think that I have a slight addiction. Honestly, it’s hard finding a good lotion and to find a lotion & perfume combo that I really like is even more difficult.

I recently had the chance to check a couple of the organic products from the Moody Sisters. Wait… are you wondering who they are?

Moody sisters

Moody Sisters was founded by two sisters who are different as can be, even down to their skincare needs! Moody Sisters Organic Skin Care caters to “moody” skin. Moisturizers and cleansers designed for sensitive and troubled skin. Free of chemicals and preservatives, these are not only 100% organic and environmentally “green”, but vegan products as well! Products are made fresh and shipped weekly.

I used the hydrating sugar scrub and the Violet Vixen body mist and I loved both of them!

The body mist had a sweet violet smell to it and seemed to last most of the day. It could have been a little stronger but I bet if it were paired with some of the other Violet Vixen products the scent would have super staying power. Now my daughter checked it out too and she didn’t like it and thought that it smelled like old lady perfume. Ehh… what does she know! I really liked it!

violet vixen

Okay, so the sugar scrub is awesome! But I am a huge fan of almost any kind of scrubs! Now this one I won’t use on my face because my face it SUPER oily and I avoid adding to much extra oils or butters to it, but the rest of my skin loved it. It helped get rid of the dry skin and left it smooth and soft. I think that this, with it’s peppermint scent, would be perfect for an at home pedicure! Hmmm… now that I mention it I may have to give it a try this weekend.

You can find them all over the internet too! Follow the Moody Sisters on Twitter and if you become a fan on Facebook you can get 10% off of their entire purchase!  You can also sign up for their monthly coupon too!

The Moody Sisters are also looking for sales reps! If you’re interested or know someone who might me drop them a line.