Mom Hair

Alright, you all know what I’m talking about when I say mom hair. It’s that dreaded look where we are no longer cute, fun, and fashionable and have settled into a hairstyle that is quick and easy. Worst than that we cut it short thinking that it is cute and that it’ll be so much easier to take care of and style when in all honesty we’re just fooling ourselves.

So we get that supposed cute hair cut and after a week we look in the mirror and realize that we have mom hair.

Yes, I’ve been saying “we” because 1) I refuse to admit that I’m in this alone and 2) I know you’ve done it a time or two and then quickly did what you could to make it better.

Anyway, I did just that. I had this great idea in my head that I would cut my hair and it would be so easy to style and it’d be really cute and to make it even easier I had a great picture of what I was envisioning.

jennifer nettles

This is the cute, non-mom hair cut I had in mind.

Well, I can tell you that it doesn’t look like that. Even with my natural wave/curl I couldn’t get my hair to look even close to that. I’m pretty sure it’s because my hair is freakin’ thick and totally has a mind of it’s own which means that it does what it wants and when it wants. Now I look like a mushroom head instead of having cute hair. It’s mom hair to the 10th degree.

mom hair... or not

I’ve gone from really long hair to medium length and back again. I really am just undecided as to what looks good and what I really like. For the most part I blow it out straight in hopes that it’ll look halfway decent.

mom hair

Now, this is where the mom (mushroom head) hair comes in. It has grown out from the original cut and it’s kind of hard to tell in the picture since I have part of it pulled up but you’ll have to trust me. It totally fluffs out on the sides giving me that mushroom head look.

The color is boring… the cut is boring… it’s total mom hair or on the edge of grandma hair which is far worse.

Now this is where you all come in. On Saturday I have a hair appointment for a cut & color and I need your suggestions!

What do I do?!?! 

How do I get awesome looking hair without looking older than I am?

Just for fun I’m going to link up with Seven Clown Circus and Parenting by Dummies for Wordful Wednesday. Maybe someone will have an idea or two for me.