Mac & Piggy

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“Are you watching that video again Jake?” Becca called from the living room. A smile spread across her face knowing full well what the answer was, he was watching Mac Davis sing to Miss Piggy, a classic episode of Muppet’s again.

“Yea, it’s my favorite,” Jake called back from the study. He knew that he needed to get the paper work for work done but this was more entertaining. The Muppet’s were a flash back from his past and always made him smile.

Becca sat down next to him she and planted a kiss on his cheek, “Mind if I watch with you?”

“Nope, I was hoping you would.” He moved his chair a bit so she could move closer. “I could watch these over and over again. They never get old.”

Becca laughed. “I know.”

“When I was little we had a nightly routine,” he started. “After dinner with my family my dad would give me a bath and then we would sit down together with my mom on the couch and watch the Muppet’s every night until 8 and then I’d curl up in bed while my mom would read me a book.”

His voice was soft and reminiscent as he recalled the childhood memory and Becca knew that he was missing his parents a great deal. She took his hand in hers as he spoke.

“I would always procrastinate for as long as I could, asking for one more book but I would always fall asleep before she was done with it.”

Becca moved closer and entwined her arm with his. “Let’s watch this video and then get something to eat.”

Jake sang along softly with the song, “Baby, baby don’t get hooked on me.”

Miss Piggy curled up with Mac as Jake pulled Becca into his arms.

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