Love & Kisses to all of my Followers

Kludgy Mom

This weeks writing task for Back to School, Back to Blogging has been taunting me all week. I mean how do I do this? Who do I focus on? And what if I offend someone that I should have chosen but didn’t? Ugg…. decisions, decisions. So, here’s the task that I’m stressing about.
Writing Task: feature a few of your loyal followers in a post this week. Act as if you’re their media agent and you’re trying to get them a job. Sell them to your community – talk about how fabulous they are. Or maybe just say thank you to specific followers for their support.

Now, do you see my dilemma? All of my followers are important and special to me! Without them my blog would be nothing. Nothing. It’d be just be talking to myself… I do that enough because, duh… I have kids!

I thought about it for a bit and looked through all the people who follow my blog and all that jazz. I decided that I wanted to thank everyone. Because they have all taken the time to read my blog when often the only thing I post is something from a challenge or a meme.

I was looking at my blog yesterday for a really good post to share with Kris over at Pretty All True and realized that my blog sucked! Holy shit! How did this happen! It was totally not what I had intended! Nothing special or original there so I didn’t leave a post for her. And being all pitiful feeling and what not I tweeted about it and Ashley from Just Another Mom of 2 pointed out that’s how she got started and the challenges & meme’s are a good way to start when you’re trying to figure things out. I hadn’t thought about it that way and it made sense so after that I didn’t feel so bad. Besides with hard work it’ll get better, right?

Today I looked again and decided to focus on two followers in particular.

Barb from Second Chance Moon and I started blogging around the same time and became blogging buddies during the #31DBBB Challenge and since then I’ve followed her blog and she’s followed mine and I make sure that I read her blog on a regular basis. She has a great blog and is a wonderful writer! Go check it out… now!

Okay, next in line is my friend who has a name but I don’t know it because I’m silly like that at times I guess over at One Girl Ideas. She has a teen just like me. Enough said! No, really… she takes the time to actually visit my blog and I know this because she has mentioned me on her blog! Cool, huh!! She will send me tweets asking how things are going and things like that. Like a real friend! I love it.

Both of these ladies are new to blogging and are putting in a lot of time in effort in their blogs trying to grow & promote them. Take a few minutes to check out their blogs, leave a comment or two, and follow them. They are really great ladies!