Losing Myself…

Hey there friends! Today I have a guest post for you from my great friend Brandi from Dysfunctional Supermom! She is amazing and tells it like it is.

Here’s a little blurb about her that I stole borrowed from her About Me page!

“I am a thirty-something, twice-divorced, mother of four beautiful disasters between the ages of 4 and 14. Two of those little disasters live full time with me and my significant other (aka Saint Jason) and the oldest two live 999 miles away with their father and visit our little dysfunction junction during their school breaks.

Our life is a break-neck train wreck, but it’s ours and we do the best we can.”

I expect you all to be nice and leave lots of comments for her!


I used to be pretty.

I remember a time when I’d go to work and I’d get complimented on how nice I looked; get asked who did my hair or what perfume I was wearing. It wasn’t that long ago. At least, that’s what the calendar says.

But the lines around my eyes tell a different story.

I used to be smart and articulate.

I remember a time when I could say exactly what I meant and get my point across with such perfect clarity that none had to guess my meaning.  A time when my peers, my employees and my supervisors all looked to me for help with composing letters, emails, and presentations…because, I was the “word girl.” Was that another life?

The confused looks on the faces of my children when I speak seem to say so.

I used to be energetic and joyful.

I remember a time when I was the life of the party. Not because I acted the fool, but because joy truly was part of my being. It was tangible, palatable, and audible: part of my every breath. I never had to “summon” the energy to get out of bed and get dressed to go somewhere. I was the one who rallied, not the one who needed rallying.

But the fact that I haven’t seen my car keys all weekend tells me times have changed.

Where did I go?


How did I get there?


Am I ever coming back?


I sure hope so.

I miss me.