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Finding a bit of time all to myself is a challenge with a husband, four kids, and full time job. Of course it’s the same for just about every mom out there, right? We spend so much of our time taking care of the kids, the house, and everything around us that we sometimes forget or just don’t have leftover time for ourselves.

Every couple of weeks I take a bit of time just for me. How? I go and get my nails done during my lunch hour. I know it’s not much but it’s an hour with out kids, work, or anything else and I can just relax and chat with other adults. Even better than that is when I get a few hours and I get a pedicure, facial, and my nails done!

That kind of day happens so rarely but they’re amazing! I’ve only had a facial once and let me tell you… it was pure heaven and I can’t wait until I am able to get back in for one. For about $60 I had an hour of massage (head & feet), facial scrubs, masks, and moisturizers all in a dimly lit room complete with a heated bed & lovely scented candles. It was definitely something that I could get used to.

When I left my skin looked incredible and between the pedicure and massage my legs and feet were feeling pampered.

One of the questions I left with, besides when would I be able to get back and do it again, was how could I keep my skin looking that good?

I’ve tried so many different face washes, creams, masks, lotions, and potions. My goal… look great all the time and refuse to look old. I haven’t found the perfect solution yet but what I have found is that Pond’s Luminous line is pretty good at getting me close to my goals.

Ponds Cream Ponds Exfoliating
Every night before bed I use the Luminous Clean Exfoliating cleaner followed by my regular eye cream and night cream. When I wake and shower in the morning I use the Luminous Clean Cream cleaner followed by the Luminous Moisture Day Lotion.

What I’ve noticed… my skin looks smoother, I’ve had fewer breakouts, and it’s less oily. That last one alone… well, that is amazing because my skin has always been oily and less than half way through the day my face looks like an oil slick.

Honestly, I feel that this new routine that I have with the Pond’s Luminous line is really helping! Of course it doesn’t compare to a day at the salon getting a facial.

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What do you do to feel luminous?

How do you find a bit of time to yourself? 

Do you have a beauty routine that you’ve found to be just about perfect?


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