Life is Good

This week’s assignment is to write a short piece, either fiction or non-fiction, about something ugly – and find the beauty in it.

Everyone has a past. A past that they remember fondly, a past they’d rather forget, a past they’ve learned from, and a past that means the world to them. But thankfully it’s in the past and that is where it will all remain.

For me it’s all of that and some.

I’ve made mistakes as I traveled through life as have most of you. There have been twists, turns, and a few trips off into left field before I found my way back on the right road.

Now that I’m on the right road my life is pretty good. Now that’s not to say that there aren’t bumps in the road and compromises that need to be made, but that’s the way it is with any relationship and family.

I started my family when I was young. Young and mislead about a lot of things like the relationship that I had with my oldest daughter’s dad. It was a mistake and eventually I figured it out and got out before things got worse.

I moved on and got married, had 2 more kids, and made a mess of that relationship. The relationship had issues but things got worse and mistakes were made by both of us. Finally we divorced and it was not how I expected my life to end up.

Relationships are complicated, really complicated! They take more effort than I would have ever expected. But it isn’t just the relationship with your spouse that requires work. The relationships that you have with your friends and family require just as much work. I sometimes get tired of working on some of those relationships especially when the person on the other end doesn’t seem to put in any effort or doesn’t really seem to care. It makes it hard, sad, and confusing. To make matters worse try this type of relationship with your mom.

I think that I’m in a pretty good place now. I’m married to a great man, we have a beautiful son, and three amazing daughters. I have a supportive and loving extended family who have not only accepted me but my children as well.

I have a great relationship with my ex’s parents and family and they consider my son their grandson. That alone is beyond amazing! Accepting your ex daughter in laws new child as your grandchild shows what kind of people they are.

My life is good. Yes, it could be better but then again whose life couldn’t be a little better?

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