Letters to my Kids – Dear Natalie

Welcome back to another Letters to my Kids week! I started this meme a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to say that a couple people actually linked up! I hope that this week brings a few more people joining in and that it continues to grow.

Don’t forget it’s a bi-weekly meme and you can link up anytime!

letters to my kids

Dear Natalie,

You’re my middle one… my quiet one… my artistic one and at one point your were my only blond haired, blue eyed little child. Now you share that blond hair with your younger brother.

I’ve watched you grow over these years from a very quiet little girl to someone who is very independent. Someone who knows exactly what they want and at the young age of 13 know what college they want to go to. Of course, I still hope that you will take a few minutes and look at a some other school… just sayin’

You have this unique sense of style and will wear things that not a single friend would wear. Thrift shopping is your thing (thank you) and I think that it’s kinda funny when I go without you and you get upset about it!

What I love about you is that special uniqueness. I love that you we will wear whatever you want and not care what other people think or say. I love that you put so much time and effort into your art and that it’s something that you really like to do.

Natalie then

Natalie then… with George.

There are so many times that I look at you and wonder what happened… how did the time go by so quickly? How did you go from my little girl who carried around her stuffed kitty, George, every single place we went to a beautiful young woman? What I wouldn’t give for a little more time with my little girl because time is going by far to quickly for me.

Natalie now

Natalie now…

I’m proud of all you have done, all you’ve become, and I love you more than I can explain.

I love you,