It’s Penguins for the Cards

It’s almost that time of year again! Yes, time to get your holiday cards together, make a list, and send them all out! I know it’s barely Halloween but the time to order your photo cards from Shutterfly is now especially since they’re offering 20% off of all holiday cards!

This year I’m sending out a photo card to my friends and family! I have so many great pictures from this past year that I want to share with everyone. I spent a long time going through the site trying to figure out which one was the best one… which one had enough photo spaces and which one had the colors & design that I liked. I finally settled on a cute card with a penguin on it. My daughter loves penguins and it’s such a cute design that everyone will like it!

penguin card

I loved that I found a matching address label to go with it too! I should be all set for the holidays! Well…. except for all the shopping, wrapping, and decorating that will need to be done!