It’s all about the numbers

When I started blogging I knew nothing about stats, ranking, and how it can affect you and your blog. I was amazed how fast you can get sucked into tracking stats and where you stand in the world of blogging and within the internet. What’s even worse is stressing over these stats and trying to find ways to increase them.

I’ve recently started looking at them again because to qualify for various review and giveaway opportunities you need to have specific stats and I am realizing that for the majority of them I don’t qualify. Often I find that the ones that I do qualify for are products that I’m not interested in or ones that I feel my readers wouldn’t be interested in either.

But what do the stats really mean? Are they something that I need to worry about and put some effort into? I’ll be honest with you…. I have no idea what I can do to increase them. I’m not sure where to start or if I even want to. I didn’t get into blogging to become a statistician!

So let’s take a look at some of the stats that I’ve gathered and compare notes.


  • Traffic Rank: 456,230
  • Traffic Rank in US: 98,574
  • Sites Linking In: 14


  • Score 59
  • My profile for Klout is here

Peer Index

  • Score 52
  • My profile for Peer Index is here

Google Page Rank

  • My rating is 0

Twitter Grader

  • My grade is 93
  • My Twitter Grader profile is here

Google Analytics

  • Page views for one month 1511


  • Page loads for one month 2532


  • Followers 899
  • Following 639


  • 165 subscribers

Google Friend Connect


Facebook Fans

  • 168 fans

Alright, I know that there are a lot of stats there to look at and process but what is your first impression?