In need of a clothing sponsor…

Dovetailing off of my bout with mom hair comes the mom clothing and the fact that I need a clothing sponsor. Why? Because I lost some weight (WOOHOO) and all of summer/warm weather clothing no longer fits. When I say that it no longer fits I mean that even with a belt it looks like I put on a huge sack and tried to cinch it around my waist.

Wearing clothing that is 3 or 4 sizes to big isn’t comfortable and I know… I tried it for while thinking that they fit until my kids pointed out that my jeans were sagging really bad and looked terrible. Guess that’s why they felt all bunchy, huh?

So with our Disney trip looming I am left pondering what do I wear and most importantly I don’t want to look like I belong on what not to wear! Of course now that I think about it maybe they’ll take all my old stuff that doesn’t fit and replace it with cute new stuff that does fit!

Anyway, then there are my kids who like to point out what I should and shouldn’t wear. Like Miss Me jeans, anything from Victoria Secret Pink emblazoned across my butt, and a variety of other things because I’m… old… gasp!

I have a few thoughts of what I think is cute, trendy, and mom of teens friendly…

summer outfit #1 summer outfit #2

summer outfit #3Of course, I’m not sure about the hat but maybe it’s time I take a risk and just wear it. To me these all look comfy, trendy, and would allow me to still chase the toddler around the Disney parks and most importantly not embarrass the teens.

Okay, so the cute outfits need money… lots of money and because I’m not rolling in the dough I think that I need a clothing sponsor or two.

So here’s my thought… they get me in a 3 -5 new outfits that have interchangeable pieces and I will wear then all over Florida (and here at home in Michigan when it warms up). Not only that I will blog about the awesome outfits they gave me, I will share pics of me enjoying the warm Florida weather in the clothes on Instagram, make fun 6 second videos and share them on Vine, Tweet about the great weather and how the clothes are great for it, and of course Facebook about it.

Doesn’t it sound fair?

I think so.

Okay, now I just have to find those clothing sponsors and get them to see things my way.

PS…. this is all in jest. While I do need some clothes to wear to Disney I don’t actually expect someone to give them to me.