I’m to busy….Yes, I’m complaining about it too!

Today all I am going to do is complain about how incredibly busy I am this week, so much so that I am not sure how I am going to get it all done without going absolutely off the deep end.

I know…I know you’re busy too. Aren’t all moms after all?

So let’s run through my schedule this week.

Daily – drop Caitlin off at the high school and then take Natalie to the middle school and then I’m off to work from about 7:30 – 4. After I leave work I pick Andrew up from the babysitter and then get the girls from their grandma’s (she lives close to their 3 schools so they can walk over there after).

Monday – soccer practice for Caitlin that she has to miss (she’s mad at me for making her miss it, but yay one less thing!). All three girls have a dentist appointment and then we possibly have to make a trip to Marshall’s Music (45 min away) to drop off Caitlin’s saxophone to be repaired.

Tuesday – Caitlin has a soccer game at 5pm and Natalie has a band concert at 7:30

Wednesday – Caitlin has soccer practice after school until 5:30 and then Lauren has softball practice at 7:30

Thursday – Caitlin has a soccer game at 5pm

Friday – NOTHING….. this is obviously subject to change and we all know that something will come up.

One of those days I will have to make a trip back to Lansing to get the saxophone so Caitlin has it for her tests this week. Yes, they have tests in band and this week is audition week to get into band for the next three years. Yea, audition as in if you don’t get a good score you’re out and don’t play for the 10th – 12th grade years of high school…band is pretty damn important around here.

Oh, and we (as in the husband and I , but it’ll end up being me) has to take Andrew to get his blood drawn for an allergy test. That should be great fun (insert large amounts of sarcasm here) and I’m looking forward to it.

The kids like to eat sometimes and get cranky when I don’t feed them so I still have to make dinner for them at some point too.

The Passage of Time

Image by ToniVC via Flickr

I’m getting close to overwhelmed… we’re usually pretty busy but this week seems to be crazy. I’ve figured out a few things that may help me when it comes to getting through weeks like this.

  • I need more time in the day
  • I need to clone myself
  • I need to not work or only work part time
  • I need wine to relax at the end of the week
  • I need to get my kids drivers licenses

All of these will work, right?