iLove my iPhone – The Smart Phone Update

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

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A while back I shared my lament with you about why I needed a real smart phone. You were all very supportive and it was great to see that everyone agreed with me needing one.

Well, best of all the husband heard and this time he really listened. And I am the extremely proud owner of a shiny, new iPhone.

Yes, my Windows husband has moved over to the dark side (where there are tasty cookies) and is slowly becoming an Apple FanBoy. This is truly a remarkable thing if you’ve ever heard him talk about Apple… Windows… etc.

Alright so lets go back a month or so. My husband came home from work and asks me why I didn’t answer my cell phone because he’d been calling. I replied to him that my phone had not rang once and I even had the volume turned up (I’m notorious for leaving it on silent/vibrate). So he grabs the phone and is looking at it, pushing buttons and all that “pretending” to see what’s wrong with it this time. Now here is where I forgot the words that anyone spoke because my daughter (his sidekick in this charade) held up the holy grail… the iPhone box.

My phone didn’t work because he had transferred the number to my brand new iPhone. It was like Christmas but 100 times better. I wanted to stop making dinner, let everyone fend for themselves, and run off to play with is. I restrained myself though and we ate dinner, and then later I played.

Ahh… happiness. Or so you would think. But alas this is not where the story ends.

I being the lucky person that I am was the proud owner of a Lemon. Not an Apple. A Lemon.

My iPhone sucked! Big time. I was sad to admit that my old Windows phone was better. I know you’re all gasping now and I’m sorry if I’ve caused you to spit out your coffee at the screen. But it was really a crappy phone.

Let me list a few if it’s issues.

  • Apps crashed all the time… like every time I tried to use one.
  • Battery life was barely a day
  • The phone constantly rebooted itself
  • It would randomly get stuck on the Apple logo screen and stay there till you did a hard reboot
  • When I was on a call it would reboot and within 2 seconds I’d be on the call again… yea, it never lost the call. Just cut out while it went to the Apple logo screen.

I could go on and on about all the trouble that I had but I won’t bore you with all that. Instead I will share with you the awesomeness of the Apple store. I made my appointment, went in, told them what the issue was, and they gave me a new phone. No hassle, no discussion, nothing… they just said we’ll give you a new one if that’s okay.

They took the Lemon and replaced it with an Apple. They moved all my apps and set it up for me before I even left the store.

Ahh… life is good and I love my iPhone. It’s beyond awesome and I have no idea how anyone could live without one.

And what makes it so awesome you ask…

  • Words with FriendsiPhone 4 & Box
  • Instagram
  • Tweetdeck
  • Kindle
  • Pandora
  • Blogging
  • The camera is awesome
  • PS Express
  • The video isn’t bad either
  • Face time
  • Skype
  • Multitasking
  • Oh.. and the TED app is pretty sweet too!

I’m sure that any of you who own an iPhone can attest to how great it is and the list would never ending, right?

I want to know what some of the best things are about your smartphone/iPhone! Let’s discuss!