I’m a Shaklee Team #Cinchspiration Blogger!

It’s official and I could not be more happier to share my news with you!!

cinchI am one of 50 bloggers selected from over 270 awesome entries to be part of the Shaklee Cinch Weight Loss Plan which alone is an honor, but what makes it even better is that I will finally reaching my weight loss goals! I’ve been making some pretty decent progress with an incredible group of women that Wendy assembled, but I need to get past that dreaded plateau.  And if there is any doubt let me help you set that aside… being part of a group is so helpful when it comes to losing weight. There is complete accountability, support, and friendship. This is another great group of like minded women who are there to support one another!

cinch2Now, I’m sure that you’re wondering what it’s all about and does it really work. I know that I wondered the same things and then I started reading and there are so many success stories that it’s hard to not want to try it out! The program is super simple too… actually, it’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and helps me keep muscle I have (which is little), burn fat I don’t need (which is a lot), and lose inches I don’t want (also a lot).

I would love it if you would follow my journey and be part of the #Cinchspiration team cheering me on towards my goal! I’ll be blogging, vlogging (yikes!), posting those scary pics, and everything I can think of to share my journey with you for the next six months!

This program is sponsored by Shaklee and while I am using their products and being compensated for it I will be sharing my honest opinions throughout the 6 month program.