I think that this is the perfect way to start the week when you wasted away the weekend and didn’t write a single thing. Nothing. Oh… wait… that’s a lie. I did write something but it was for my husband to turn into the local Chamber of Commerce for their newsletter.

Besides that it’s a good idea to help & support your friends when they start something new!!!

Dysfunctional Supermom

I’m going to warn you now… this is the official video and it’s really LONG! But the song is awesome! And so is Jared Leto.

You can head over to You Tube and find the song without the long video too. I just didn’t like any of the shorter ones since they weren’t the official one, mostly fan made videos.

What is your favorite song at the moment? Is it something new and hip or is it something that you heard a long time ago and it stands the test of time?

UPDATE: If you just want to hear the song check out this link. It’s shorter!