Hey!! Let’s Meetup!!

Alright everyone! Let’s get together!

I’ve been tweeting it for a while, chatted about it with Amy (@amyplus1x3 & @justthe10) and then again today with a few others (@fourplusanangel @NaynaDub) and we all decided that we need to meet up!

The idea is to meet up with a bunch of great ladies outside of a conference! We have a lot in common too… moms, bloggers, friends… oh and the most important part… we’re all from Michigan! And no matter what I think that we’d have a ton to talk about!!

So let’s set this idea into motion! Here’s my idea…

  • Find a somewhat central location where we can all meet up
  • Pick out an awesome restaurant
  • Set a date & time

Another thought is that we could make a day of it and go shopping and out to dinner!

What are your thoughts?

Here are a few others that I know are from Michigan and should join the party!

@BuriedWithKids @ksluiter @dutchbeingme @bargainshopmom @MommieDaze