Hapari Swimwear Model Contest

When I was younger I had all these hopes and dreams of becoming a supermodel, something similar to Cindy Crawford! Lofty dreams I know but I was young and knew little of the world around me other than what I saw in all the fashion magazines.

I would spend afternoon flipping through the pages looking at all the great clothes in the Esprit and Benetton ads wishing I had those clothes or that I was the model. And then I spend some time trying to figure out how I could talk my parents into the buying some of those outfits even though they were really expensive. On a side note…. I never was able to talk them into it.

But now my dreams can come true and yours as well! How you ask? Well, Hapari is looking for someone to be their next swimsuit model! How awesome is that? You can be a swimsuit model without having to wear strategically placed strings!

Here’s the deal for the Hapari Swimwear Model Contest.

Send an email to entries@hapari.com with the following included:

  • You’re best picture in a swimsuit (kudos for wearing Hapari swimwear)
  • You’re contact information (Facebook name, phone number, address)


That’s it! Super easy right? When they get the photo they will post it on their Facebook page and tag you it in.

The contest ends September 20th, and they’ll be announcing the winner on their website and Facebook shortly after that.

But wait! There is so much more…

As the winner you get some great prizes!

  • $2500
  • A trip to Florida for the next photo shoot & stay at the beach house with the other Hapari models
  • Photo’s published in next years swimsuit line on the website, ads, and catalogs.

I love my Hapari swimsuit, how it fits, and how it covers all my squishy mommy parts! I’ve even been considering entering the Hapari Swimwear Model Contest myself just for fun! I just need to get a hair & makeup stylist to get me ready and then a photographer who can make me look awesome!