Day 2 – My List Post

Today’s task is to write a list post and I’ve spent half the day pondering what to write about. It’s a lot harder when you’re given a writing assignment for as opposed to writing about whatever pops into my head at the moment!

I’ve been pondering a post about a ‘Bucket List’. You know, all the items that you want to do before you die, but I was thinking that mine would be more of the things I want to do before my kids move out or before I hit 50 type thing. A short term bucket list. This isn’t going to be that post. I think I want to save that for another time.

I’ve been thinking about the things I want to do short term. The here and now. I have a list but now all I have to do is figure out how to accomplish them.

  • Spend more time with my kids
  • Figure out how to work part time and still keep my insurance and paycheck
  • Plan a weekend away with my husband – and go!
  • Clean and organize my office – I never get to it no matter how hard I try
  • Get better at this blogging thing
  • Brush up on my web programming skills – they’re buried in the closet and kinda dusty!
  • Learn to take better pictures

So there it is, my short term to do list! Now that I have it written out and made public I’ll have to really make an effort to follow through on it, won’t I?