Day 19 #31DBBB – It’s my opinion… deal with it!!

Okay, first of all I am waayyy behind! But in my defense I was stuck. Seriously stuck! I had no idea what to write about for this task! What!?!? Really.. stuck on this one… I know, I know. The husband kind of laughed and said that it’s be easy for me since I have an opinion. And he’s mostly true, I do have a lot of opinions but what to write about was the issue. How do I pick something to talk about that’d be some what interesting. So, today I was reading a post by our own Aunt Becky about why she does what she does (I have a post for that too!) and she inspired me! I finally thought of something. It’s nothing life changing and it won’t help the world or anything like that. But it’s something that bugs me and I have thoughts about it. So sit back and listen!

Reality television shows appear to be all the rage now and days. Every single channel on the T.V. has their own reality show…. or two… or three. And why? I have no frickin’ idea! It really is truly annoying.

Now, if you can’t tell I do not like reality T.V. shows at all. I don’t see the point. Honestly, they’re similar to wrestling. They’re both fake. Totally 100%, without a doubt scripted. And you naysayers are sitting there saying, ‘No, it’s all true… come on!’ Nope. Sorry to say it’s not. There is no way that any of that could not be scripted because real life is nothing like that, not at all.

I avoid watching them at all costs. I watch T.V. to escape from reality and to be entertained by some 30 minute comedy that lacks the “reality” drama. I want to watch something that I don’t need to follow on a daily basis, because some of them seem to be on every damn day! I have 4 kids and don’t have that kind of time to devote to some silly “reality” show. 

So there’s my opinion like it or not.