Crap!! Turn it off!!!

I just stumbled upon Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop and thought this would be fun! Especially with the topics that she chose! The tough part was deciding which one to write on. I finally decided to go with the “mom of the year moment”!

A movie you probably should have previewed before letting your kids watch.
Oh… where to start! I mean I’ve had this moment more times than is acceptable. But in my defense it’s only been with my oldest daughter who is 14 (going on 23). 
Let’s start with the first ‘incident’ I had heard of this new show on HBO called True Blood and knew that it was a book series and sounded pretty good. So, we sat down to watch the first episode…. yea, if you’ve watched you know what happens in the first 5 minutes or so and you’re either gasping in horror at me or laughing. Oops. 

Moving on. The second incident. I’m at the video rental store and the husband told me to pick something out. I figured okay, I can do this. I got a movie that looked pretty funny based on the previews we’d seen on TV. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is rated R and we’ve seen R rated movies that weren’t that bad. Again. Wrong. Holy Crap! Full frontal nudity!

Seriously, you can’t move fast enough to get the remote and turn it off! And in those moments you fumble like an idiot! 

My daughter says, “Good job, mom”,  the husband says, “Yea, good job mom”.

Because I knew that these movies/tv shows were that …. what’s the word…. adult oriented. And now I know and they tease me often about it and usually don’t let me pick movies anymore.
It’s a good thing that my daughter is well adjusted.

Oh… by the way… we preview a bit more before we let her watch movies now.