Complete & Total Blog Neglect

I had such high hopes for the past couple of weeks… really I did! I even had a plan written out on what I was going to post each day. It was thought out and thorough. But something happened and I didn’t even get half of them done.

And now my blog is so sad.  It knows that I’ve been neglecting it. And I’m pretty sure that this is no way to get new readers or even keep the handful that I have now! Geesh.

Okay, so I’m totally blaming my job, all the meetings that I have to attend, and the endless housework that I have at home (note to self – look into getting a maid). Oh, yea. Also sleep. I really like my rest and it seems to be playing a major part in how much free time I have each day.

So once again I will make a plan! And maybe instead of daily I aim for every other day or every two day. How does that sound?

Now, my question for all you moms out there who work, take care of a family, and blog is how do you manage it all? How do you keep up with everything and still manage to have simply amazing blogs?

Let’s discuss this! Does anyone have the same issues that I do? If so, let’s come up with a plan that will help us become better bloggers!