Wordless Wednesday ~ It never gets old

I always find it interesting to see what my kids do with PhotoBooth when I’m not around. There are always new pictures and videos the look & laugh at! It is seriously the most entertaining thing that they have found so far on my Mac. I don’t dare show them the command prompt that actually speaks when you type! I may never get my laptop back again!

So for your entertainment today I’ll share some more of my kids PhotoBooth artistry.

Nat & Cait


I think this is her GQ pose



I do think that she is the crazy one!

Wordless Wednesday ~ 1 year old

Tomorrow my little guy will be one year old and sometimes it’s hard to believe how fast the first year went by. It feels like I’ve missed something and that it can’t be a year already.

Andrew - 1 yr

Andrew & Cake

Andrew & His Hat

Andrew & His Hat

He didn’t want to really wear the hat! He liked playing with it a lot more so I didn’t get the pictures of him in it that I wanted, but that’s fine. Wrangling a busy 1 year old was a challenge all it’s own!

Wordless Wednesday – Washington D.C.

In April of this year my daughter took a trip to Washington D.C. with her 8th grade class and after participating in an essay writing contest she was chosen as one of the student to take part in the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

To take part in this is a once in a lifetime event and as parents we were extremely proud of her. My only wish was that we were able to go and see it.