Wordful Wednesday – The Gypsy Girl

The other day I finally started to pack for BlogHer my girls were there with me helping me figure out what to wear and what not to wear. While sorting through my closet my daughter, Natalie, decided to start pulling out random things and came up with her own little gypsy costume.

Who says that you’re too old to play dress up!!

Gypsy Girl

She pulled out a skirt that I made years ago but have never worn because the fabric was a bit to see through for me and I have yet to find a slip (do they still make those?) that I can wear with it. To add her her ensemble she took a scarf of my, her sisters jewelry, and a head band that she found in her room… gypsy girl outfit was complete.

Gypsy Girl

I think that if we had thought this through a little more we could have found a better place to take a few pictures because the front yard just doesn’t seem to fit the gypsy theme to well. Cars… camper… basketball hoop… well, they’re just not part of the whole gypsy thing. Well, I suppose the camper could be, right?

Gypsy Girl

Anyway, it was fun and she let me take a few pictures of her and she was so kind to just toss the clothes back in my room that I got to put them all away again (did you hear the sarcasm in the last part?).

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Fall Fun Revisited

family shot

Fall is my favorite time of year and one of the things that we do together as a family is go to Crossroads Village a couple of times during the year. At Halloween they decorate the entire village and have trick or treating for young and old alike…. dressed up or not! This year it happened to be over 80 degrees that day so the costumes we had picked out just weren’t going to work! We improvised though!


The maze was fun for the kids even if you could see over the top of the walls! Although I’m not sure what’s up with that look she was giving me.


As you can see she was excited for lunch!


I’m hoping that she doesn’t visit my blog all that often or else she is going to be pissed at me for posting this picture for the world to see. Although… better here than Facebook, right? And she refused to smile nice anyway.


He had so much fun running through the maze over… and over… and over again. If there wasn’t a way out I bet that we could have left him there for the rest of the afternoon to play!

Huckleberry Railroad

Of course the highlight of the trip is riding the old steam locomotive! This train is an original that has been fully restored and is run several times a day taking riders for a 40 minute journey through Crossroads Village, past Mott Lake and by the county fairgrounds. The entire ride is narrated and complete with music as well as decorations along the way for the holiday and well worth the trip to Crossroads!

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parenting BY dummies

Wordless Wednesday ~ Camera Bandits

A word to the wise…… Never leave your camera unattended…..

WW - The letter

Children will get a hold of it and figure out how to use it. Whether it’s your phone, plain jane digital camera, or your prized possession… your DSLR.

WW - What?

Did she take this herself or did she let her little sister do it?

WW - The culprits

Look at them…. all cute and nice looking.  But don’t let them fool you.. they’re camera bandits.

WW - lauren

They sneak in when you’re Tweeting busy dealing with the toddler and start their game.

WW - deer in headlights

Picture after picture until the fun is done and then they place everything back exactly they way they found it. And one day when you finally pull pictures off of the camera you find them. The evidence.

Camera bandits have struck again.

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Bloggy Bootcamp Chicago in Pictures

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be able to attend Bloggy Bootcamp in Chicago. I met up with over 100 of my friends along with the awesome SITS girls for a great day of learning, networking, and fun. I won’t get to my wrap up post until this weekend but I did want to share some of the pictures from the weekend with you. If you want to see all of the pictures that I took (not very many either) you can check them out on my Flickr page.

Dress up fun

Dressed up with accessories from Ross!


The Empress & I

One of the highlights of the day was meeting the Empress!


The Friday Night Dinner Crew

The Friday Night Dinner Crew & the SITS Girls


Amy, Julie and I

Amy, Julie, and I on the Skydeck

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pictures in the Park

I wasn’t feeling up to writing the post that I had planned on so instead I thought I’d share some of the pictures from our little photo shoot at the park.

These are some of the more fun ones that I took of the kids.

Andrew in the tree natalie in the tree

Andrew & Natalie liked climbing into the tree…. although he had a bit more help than she did!

nat - scrunchy face

I shall call this one Lemon Face.

super mario girls

And this…. is the girls rendition of Super Mario Brothers.

The Kids

They were trying to get Andrew to smile and sit still!

Wordless Wednesday ~ Us

Normally on a Wordless Wednesday I post pictures of my kids or places that we’ve been, but this week I’m doing something a little different. A couple of years a go we had some family pictures taken and there were a some of my husband and I that turned out pretty decent.

Here we are looking all posed & cute. Really it’s the best picture there is of us out there even if I do look slightly round & frumpy.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Almost Wordless Wednesday

It’s spring (sort of) around here and that means that it’s time for the school to put on their yearly spring band concerts for all the families and community as well as show case how incredible these kids are.

I’m not just saying this because my kids are part of the band program here either. They all work hard and are proud of what they do… so much that for well over 20 years the Owosso bands have been getting the highest ratings at district and state band festivals.

So this week instead of pictures I have a couple of videos to share with you.

This first one is from the freshman band and it’s Can You Feel the Love from the Little Mermaid and my oldest daughter is the saxophone solo that you hear.

The next video is my daughter Natalie and she is in the 6th grade band at the middle school. I really should have gotten video from the song prior to the one I’m sharing with you today because it was so much better.

Both girls play the alto sax and I couldn’t be more proud of their achievements.

Oh… yea… sorry about the video quality. I used my phone to grab the videos.