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VlogTalk is hosted by Jessica from My Time As Mom, Elena from Mommy is in Time Out!, and Kate from Mommy Monologues.

Welcome back to another installment of Vlogtalk! If you’re watching again that means I didn’t scare you off before! Yay!

So I thought about doing a blooper reel and then I remembered oh yea… I delete those! Why… well so I don’t embarrass my self more than necessary. Good idea, right?


VlogTalk ~ They don’t like their names


Welcome to another installment of VlogTalk where I rush through (5 takes) my vlog again and hope that it turns out better than last week (HAHAHA). This week there were three prompts to choose from and I just couldn’t put you through the pain of watching me put on my makeup… so instead I decided to talk about my kids names.

The other day Natalie asked if she could change her name to Maggie because it’s a cute name and hers is just boring… I’m not sure where that came from since it was pretty much out of the blue. When Caitlin was close to the same age she also wanted to change her name, but to Delores which is not a cute name… more like an old lady name if you ask me! So my guess is that they don’t like their names.

After finishing the vlog I realized that I could have put some more thought into it and gave more background on what their names mean and all that fun stuff… but hindsight being 20/20 and all. So next time I will be more prepared! I may even try to get more creative with iMovie now that I have the publishing to YouTube part down (that was a nightmare!).

VlogTalk ~ It’s me!


Okay folks… you asked for it so please… I’m begging you…. be nice.

Today I vlogged. It was a terrifying experience (or maybe it was just me) and I managed to get it done after 5 tries. It’s amazing how many times you can screw up doing one of these! I’m really thankful that I’m alone and that the kids & husband aren’t here!

The task was to introduce ourselves, our blog, and how long we’ve been vlogging.

Here goes nothing….