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I have been looking forward to today’s guest poster all week and I hope that you enjoy what she has to say.

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She slept her way through more than one ALW team’s starting lineup before becoming a Broadway darling and staring in her own reality show, “Getting healthy through home improvement projects”. When the Mad Woman behind the Blog awoke from her dream she found herself a working mom and wife. In an effort to explore, entertain and find some sanity, she began her blog, A Diary of A Mad Woman.

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….pssst, I’m writing this in disguise so you can share this with your friends. you can say crazy Auntie M wrote this or your cousin or say you found it on the internet.  Hopefully I’ve spared you the mortification of me telling this to your sweet face.

Sex can be a bunch of things. It can be wonderful, loving, intimate, tender, fun, delicious. But it can also be painful, disappointing, boring and down right yucky. Yeah, I said yucky. You gotta know that it can be yucky.

Boys will use all sorts of adjectives to describe how great it is. I thought I’d give you a little background so that you don’t fall for their lines and be able to decide for yourself if you want to have sex.

I don’t want to say this is the most important part to being ready for sex, it isn’t. But knowing your body and what feels good to you will help make it much better and maybe a little less mysterious. Touch yourself. Take long showers or baths and just feel around. Use tender hands, gentle fingers. Squeeze this or that and see if that does anything for you. Don’t be afraid to rub between your legs to illicit some feeling.

Are you grossed out yet? There are videos for this stuff. I know you don’t want to get this information from your mother. But you should know that she’d want you to have it.

I know this is only scratching the surface of the physical stuff. There is a LOT to know and you will come to know it in good time. And if your mother hasn’t signed the permission slip for you to take sex ed at school, shove that form under her nose and demand it. But be prepared. She may want you to report back to her.

But what I really want you to know is how important you are. What is it that you want? Are you wanting to touch this boy or have him touch you because it might feel good? That’s a good reason. Do you want to touch him because you want to show him how much you like him? There are other ways. Do you want to touch him or have him touch you because you think he’ll like you more? That ISN’T a good reason.

Sex with someone you like is an important and life changing step. Do care about this person? Do you think he respects you? Do you respect him? How would you feel if the sex was bad? Would it ruin your friendship, your relationship?

If you don’t think you’re ready, don’t do it. If he’s pushing you and you’re starting to get angry about it, don’t give in. Think about this boy. He may only want to have sex. Be prepared for that, it’s pretty common, and it isn’t always a fun feeling.

When you’re ready, when you really ready, you’ll be nervous but it won’t be because you question the person you’re going to have sex with. You’ll be ready because you want to share yourself, you want to experience this special thing with another person and you trust and care for him.

And if you have questions, you know where to find your mom.