A picture tells a story

Once upon a time… long, long ago there was a young girl and she was full of dreams for the future.

But there was still time to think about the future because at that moment she was living in the here and now. Her life was all about friends, fun, and enjoying her senior year of high school. Oh.. and the hair…. because it was 1991 and yea, the 80’s were over but big hair was still in! And her’s was awesome!

senior collage

It was an awesome hair day!

As you can see in her senior pictures that day was a good day… no, it was an awesome hair day considering it was a hot and humid day in Michigan. Her curls all fell into place perfectly and the bangs…. what can be said that the picture doesn’t explain? Pictures went well and the evening was filled with friends and parties afterwards and of course everyone noticed how great her hair was that day.

All to soon her senior year was coming to an end and the highlight of the year was fast approaching. Prom! Prom was a big deal because everyone went whether they had a date or not. She spent weeks looking for the perfect dress that was different than all the others that her friends would be wearing and she found it. Short and sassy was the best way to describe it.

Senior Prom

I Loved that Dress!

Prom was on a Saturday and she spent the day at the hair salon with her best friend getting ready for their big night. Hair & makeup were done and once their dates showed up they were ready to go. Their prom was held in Bloomfield Hills at a fancy hall and everyone went out to dinner before hand at The Fox and Hound restaurant (which is now closed). It was a great night… one to be remembered for years to come.

Graduation was bitter sweet. It was the end of high school and the beginning of a new page in her life. A life that has taken twist, turns, and different roads than expected.

Senior Party

Yes, I'm in a bathroom stall....

But there was one last party to be part of. The senior lock in after graduation where all seniors spent one night at the school together playing games, eating, and hanging out. It was another memorable moment in herĀ  life. She had a lot of fun with all of her friends and wouldn’t have changed a thing about her years in high school.

Looking back at pictures she realized that she didn’t look all that bad… as a matter of fact… she was a Senior Hottie!