I thought about it…

I thought about writing my Monday Menu post but got sucked into Pinterest.

I thought about it really I did! I have a few recipes to share… but well, you know how it is with Pinterest.

I thought about writing one of those posts again but then I totally got sucked into a not-so-good made for TV movie on ABC family 25 Days of Christmas. It was one of those movies where you know exactly what is going happen and how it will end. I’m starting to wonder if there are any original ideas out there in the world when it comes to movies.

I did send off a few guest posts that I can’t wait to share with all of you though! It’s super exciting!

And then I went back to Pinterest.

I did find a cute shirt to add to my holiday wish list…


Oh… and this outfit is on the list now too…


And just to prove that I was actually thinking about recipes I found this…


I’m thinking that these would be pretty good with some homemade bread, fresh steamed beans, and maybe a salad.

I thought about it… but after this weekend anything that required a lot of thought just wasn’t happening. More on that later… let’s just say toddlers can be a pain.

I did find something that made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes… Grumpy Cat. I was going to share a picture with you but there are just to many that are hilarious! Take a look for yourself.

Well? Did you go look yet?


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s a supermoon!

A few weeks ago there was an astrological occurrence! A supermoon to be exact. Basically, it’s a full moon that looks much bigger and brighter than normal and hasn’t happened in 18 years.

The term supermoon was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 and is defined as, “a new or full moon which occurs with the Moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit (perigee). In short, Earth, Moon and Sun are all in a line, with Moon in its nearest approach to Earth”.

I enjoy checking out the evening sky, looking at all the stars & the moon. It’s peaceful, don’t you think?

While out there I took a few pictures of the supermoon and have one that turned out pretty good.


Supermoon 2011

Melodic Mondays with Mumford & Sons

Dysfunctional Supermom

So it’s Valentine’s Day and I swear that everyone and their brother has a Valentine’s related post. I mean seriously, did I miss a memo or something?

Well, regardless I’m not jumping on the bandwagon today. There’s enough out there that I’m sure there is nothing unique that I can come up with at this point in the game.

Instead, I bring you Melodic Monday’s.

Last night I was watching the Grammy’s and tweeting away the time. I just have to tell you that watching what people were saying was pretty entertaining! It was almost better than the show especially when Cee Lo was on!

I tweeted something about Mumford & Sons and one of my friends asked who it was! Really? I was surprised that she didn’t know and what she had heard made her think that it was country music and she changed the channel. Crazy! I had to explain to her that they are not a country group at all and hopefully I convinced her well enough that they’re now one of her favorites.

So today my favorite song is The Cave by Mumford & Sons.


It was a miracle…

shower head
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Today a true miracle occurred. I was able to actually take a shower alone! Now to me that means there was nobody yelling “MOM”, knocking on the bathroom door, and most important of all my little guy wasn’t in there opening and closing the shower doors, soaking the floor and himself.

I think I was in there for at least 20 minutes. And here’s probably the second best part…. I was actually able to take the time to shave my legs. Yes, you heard me right. Shave my legs. It had been a while. Trust me it wasn’t pretty.

When you’re in a hurry and have everyone and their brother needing something from you,  just getting the shower is a miracle. All I know is for that alone, today was a good day.


On another note, sickness sucks; big time. I swear that no matter what I do, how much I clean, or how many vitamins I cram down my families throat, they get sick. And they don’t just get your run of the mill sniffles or cold. Oh no, not here. Strep, mono, fevers, pink eye, and illnesses without names are what they get. This has just not been our year.

It all started in late fall. My oldest– Caitlin– got strep throat again; for the 3rd or 4th time this year so they finally decided to take her tonsils out. Yeah, that was fun.

So the week she was to get her tonsils out, Natalie got sick. I took her to the doctor and she had mono. How in the world does an 11 yr old get mono?? I’m still pondering that one.

Okay so we get past the mono & tonsillectomy. Fast forward to Christmas Eve. The youngest– Andrew– comes down with a fever and super snotty nose. We ended up taking him to urgent care and his first prescription. All I know was he was the fussiest baby in the world. Nothing made him happy and I spend many nights sleeping on the couch holding him on my chest.

But something wasn’t right. He just didn’t seem to be getting better and after a bit of research and a call to the doctor we came the conclusion that he was having an allergic reaction to the medication. I’m happy to say that once we stopped medication #1, started #2, and a day or so passed he was back to normal. Everything was right as rain!

This is where it gets fun. The husband comes home thinking something is in his eye. I clean it out (yes I touched it & I’m pretty sure this is how I got pink eye) and make sure there’s nothing in there.  It all went downhill after this. He managed to get pink eye in both eyes and strep throat. I can honestly say that he was worse than the baby, because men don’t deal well with being sick.

And now I too have been graced with this incredible illness. Pink eye & strep throat. Thankfully, I caught the pink eye early and started taking the same eye drops as the husband and since I don’t have tonsils (thank you parents) strep isn’t that bad for me.

Oh, Caitlin is sick now too. Same as the husband which is strep but minus the tonsil so at least her throat isn’t killing her.

Something has to give. Soon. Please.


I have to say that this was a holiday season to remember. Not one of those fun ones that you remember fondly though. More like the Christmas that totally sucked.

On the upside, my house is super clean and was aired out when the weather here in Michigan hit mid-50’s in January! And now we have Andrew’s first birthday to look forward to at the end of the month!

Twitter is the new IM

Twitter logo initial

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Remember way back when before Twitter? Like when you used to sit down at your computer and chat with family and friends via your favorite instant messaging program like Yahoo or AIM? I do. And to be honest I still use them daily because ::gasp:: not everyone is using Twitter!

I’ve been noticing a trend lately and I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. Indifferent I suppose. And this trend… I think that IM would be better for it. It is when my Twitter stream fills up with a conversation that two or three people are having and I have to wade through their conversation just to see what is going on in the world. This type of thing has happened many times and I am probably guilty of it too and it finally dawned on me! Twitter is the new IM! Twitter to me (and some others out there I bet) is what texting is to my girls (yea… they send thousands a month)!

I could chat all day long with all the great people that I’m friends with on Twitter whether it is public facing or if we keep the conversation private and simply DM on another. I love being able to chat with everyone! No matter what time of day it is I can find someone on Twitter that I know and starting a conversation is as easy as just saying hello to the world!

So what do you think…. I’m curious? Is Twitter the new IM? Do you still use your old instant messenger program?

A Beautiful Winter Morning

Doesn’t that title sound like it belongs to a poem? I think so, but alas… you won’t be finding poetry here because as much as I love it I just cannot write it.

Instead I give you this.

Winter 2008

Winter at my house 2008

Normally when I drive into work when the roads are snow covered I tend to take the ‘safe’ route. You know, the one where you’re sure that the roads are clear and I do this because of my deep fear of landing in a ditch again. Instead I took the back way into work and I’m glad that I did.

It was truly a beautful morning. It was that time where it’s between night and day, just as dawn is starting to break.  The sky was just starting to lighten up and I could see the full moon through a thin veil of clouds. The snow was slowly falling from the sky and had been for some time.

The ground was covered in a smooth layer of fluffy white snow, covering mounds here and there that looked like big marshmallows on the ground. The road was covered lightly as well and as I drove down the road the snow glistened as my headlights reflected off of it. It had a magical look to it all.

My back way takes me through the country so there are a lot of open fields, farms, large homes, and lots of holiday lights. Many people had their holiday lights on so it only added to the magic of it all as they twinkled in the twilight.

By time I reached town the roads started to clear and then as I passed a large salt truck the realization hit me that soon the beautiful white snow would quickly be turned to brown, slushy, slop that is far, far from what I saw on my way into work.

The beauty of a snowy, winter morning can be peaceful and enjoyable.

Lessons Learned Winter 2010

Blowing snow and snowdrifts in a back yard res...
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I’ve recently come to realize that I’ve learned a few things. Now, these aren’t all that exciting I know but for some reason it all became really clear this morning as I made my way to work through the snow and ice.

Winter Sucks.

Yup, it sucks. And I live in the wrong state! I was waiting for the first snow fall to come and be soft and beautiful. Is that what happened? No. No, it isn’t. We got a winter storm. It was snowing hard, the wind was whipping the snow all over the place, and it was freezing out! What really made it bad was that the day started out in the mid 30’s and the wet snow froze on the roads and then the temperature dropped dramatically to 20.  It made getting ready and going to a family Christmas party not as fun as it could be.

Four wheel drive is awesome!

I know this because my truck has 4-wheel drive. Now, I would much rather have a nice car but then I’d never get all of my kids into it, groceries, and everything else in it. This morning I was able to make it to work without to much worry and it also helped that I took all main roads even though it took longer. Now, I should add some sort of addendum to this because while 4 wheel drive is awesome it won’t always save you! I know this for a fact because I was driving with the 4 wheel drive engaged and as I was driving I went through a snow drift that wasn’t more than ankle deep and was pulled into the ditch and then my truck rolled over a few times into the corn field. Note to self… don’t apply for that job as a stunt driver.

Snow days aren’t as good as they used to be.

As a kid I loved snow days! It was great to get up and find out that you had an extra day off from school! We’d all bundle up and head outside to make snow men, go sledding, or whatever games we could come up with. Snow days suck now. Don’t get me wrong… the kids love them! I find it difficult to figure out what to do with the kids last minute when I have to be to work by 8am. The older one usually ends up watching her younger sisters, but I will always get several phone calls throughout the day asking can I do this…. what’s for lunch… can I go outside… you get the idea.

Kids never get sick at the same time.

This is a working moms’ nightmare! One kids is sick and the others are fine and as soon as the first one gets better another one gets sick and so on. They never get sick at the same time and I’m pretty sure that it’d be way to convenient if they did! This is the boat I’m in right now. Daughter #2 is really sick and all the rest are okay. It’s only a matter of time before she passes it on to one of the other 3 kids.

Snow plow truck drivers don’t care.

You see if they cared then my mail box wouldn’t have been in my driveway when I got home. I should mention that this happens at least once every year! Sometimes it’s just the mailbox and sometimes it’s the post. Regardless, it sucks! And if it’s not in place the mailman won’t deliver our mail which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. But I’m waiting for that lottery check to get here and if that mailbox isn’t there I won’t get it!

So tell me how your winter is going so far!

Dear Santa…

I thought that I’d write you this letter so you know what to bring me for Christmas this year. There are a lot of things on my list and some of those are things that I want and others are things that I need and they’re in no particular order.

I should mention that I’ve been very good this year and there is no reason whatsoever that my name would be found on the bad list.

Let’s start with the things that I need.

1. DSLR camera

I’m not picky whether it’s a Nikon or a Canon either. I’m open to either one as long as they have everything I need to start taking pictures immediately like the lens, charged batteries, and strap. Yes, I already have a camera but it’s a simple point and shoot that does not always take the best pictures. I need something that is amazing inside and out, is fast so I can capture those awesome sports shots when the kids are playing, and doesn’t always leave me with blurry pictures.

2. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Color doesn’t matter. I really need this because the stand mixer that I have does not the whip or the dough hook attachments and there are so many recipes that I want need to make and simply can’t because I don’t have this mixer. Can you imagine all the great things I can do! And I can start adding other attachments as well like a pasta maker!

3. Baked Cookbook

This cookbook is beyond awesome! I must have it and if I do I’ll be able to put that mixer to even more use. They have a great recipe for homemade marshmallows that I really want to try but without the cookbook or the mixer with the whip I can’t make them.

4. Reebok EasyTone Shoes

With all the baking that I’ll be doing I’ll need these shoes to help keep all that weight off. I don’t want to blow up like a whale! I’d like the ones that are purple and white please.

5. Hamilton Beach 3 in 1 Crock Pot

My current crock pot is ‘ok’ but it tends to run really warm. When I put it on low with everything in it for dinner and leave it for the day I’ve come home with it over cooked! This crock pot comes with 3 different pots allowing me to customize dinner. This would be really helpful when it’s just a couple of us or the entire family.

6. Blender

Yes, we have a blender. It’s older than any of the kids! Yea… damn old. It takes forever for it to make a shake, smoothie, or blend ice. I need something a bit more powerful. That’s it.

Alright Santa, let’s move on to the things that I want.

1. Books

Or better yet maybe a few gift cards so I can buy the books. Now, I don’t want e books. I like actual books. I love them as a matter of fact. The feel of them, the smell, the sound of the turning pages. E books simply can’t compare to the real thing. I love looking at my shelves full of books and rearranging them, wondering if I’ve read this one or that, and then finding one to read.

2. Cricut cartridges

Just a couple of these would be great! I like fonts!

3.  Scrapbooking supplies

I know I haven’t done much scrapbooking lately but I just haven’t had that much free time to do it. And honestly I need more that 15 or 20 minutes. Creativity takes time … as does perfection!

4. Clothes & Shoes

This is almost a need! I can create a separate list for you of all the fantastic things that I’d like. Actually Santa, if it’s easier I’ll take gift certificates and then once I buy the clothes I’ll take pictures of myself modeling all of them with that awesome camera you’re getting me.

5. Ticket to Blissdom 2011

Santa…. I really, really, really want to go to Blissdom! All of my blogger & twitter friends are going and I would just love to be able to actually meet them. And besides that think of all the great things that I’ll learn! My blog would be so much better with what I learn and apply! So please seriously consider this one. Oh! And I’ll need the new clothes, shoes, and camera for this trip too.

Thanks for reading my letter Santa!