Music & Memories

As I drove into town this morning to take the kids to school and then make my way to work the radio was on as usual and in this rare case I had control of the station.

Today it was the 90’s on 9. We have XM radio and what we listen to varies from day to day. It could be classical, 40’s jazz, top 40, or alternative it just depends on the mood or who’s controlling the remote.

My kids don’t always like my choice of music and this morning was a perfect example. My oldest looks at me and asks, ‘What are you doing?’. Of course I knew that she was referring the music because she’d just looked at the radio. So I answered honestly, ‘Eating toast’ because that was exactly what I was doing (yea, I could have eaten at home if I hadn’t sat on the couch reading blog posts).

The conversation went on with her stating that she had no idea why we were listening to this awful music when we pay for XM so we don’t have to do that anymore. I laughed! I reminded her that since I pay I get to pick the music.

Today was the 90’s stuff. I spent the drive in listening to the music of my misspent youth. Stone Temple Pilots (Crrep), Nate Dogg & Warren G (Regulators), Jesus Jones (Right Here Right Now), and LFO (Summer Girls) were a few songs that came on this morning.

I love how music has an impact on your life and you can tie songs to specific times in your life or certain events. I love how it can bring back so many memories and allow you to relive them for a few brief minutes before taking you to another memory.

I often wonder how empty our lives would be without music. The world would be quiet, storytellers wouldn’t have the same voice, history would be lost, and we’d have one less way to remember those special moments from our past.

I like listening to music and sometimes listen all day long. I love how it can take me through time and back again.

Does music do this for you? Do you think that music is like pictures? Do you hear a song and remember something from your life?

Melodic Mondays with Mumford & Sons

Dysfunctional Supermom

So it’s Valentine’s Day and I swear that everyone and their brother has a Valentine’s related post. I mean seriously, did I miss a memo or something?

Well, regardless I’m not jumping on the bandwagon today. There’s enough out there that I’m sure there is nothing unique that I can come up with at this point in the game.

Instead, I bring you Melodic Monday’s.

Last night I was watching the Grammy’s and tweeting away the time. I just have to tell you that watching what people were saying was pretty entertaining! It was almost better than the show especially when Cee Lo was on!

I tweeted something about Mumford & Sons and one of my friends asked who it was! Really? I was surprised that she didn’t know and what she had heard made her think that it was country music and she changed the channel. Crazy! I had to explain to her that they are not a country group at all and hopefully I convinced her well enough that they’re now one of her favorites.

So today my favorite song is The Cave by Mumford & Sons.