Melodic Mondays with Mumford & Sons

Dysfunctional Supermom

So it’s Valentine’s Day and I swear that everyone and their brother has a Valentine’s related post. I mean seriously, did I miss a memo or something?

Well, regardless I’m not jumping on the bandwagon today. There’s enough out there that I’m sure there is nothing unique that I can come up with at this point in the game.

Instead, I bring you Melodic Monday’s.

Last night I was watching the Grammy’s and tweeting away the time. I just have to tell you that watching what people were saying was pretty entertaining! It was almost better than the show especially when Cee Lo was on!

I tweeted something about Mumford & Sons and one of my friends asked who it was! Really? I was surprised that she didn’t know and what she had heard made her think that it was country music and she changed the channel. Crazy! I had to explain to her that they are not a country group at all and hopefully I convinced her well enough that they’re now one of her favorites.

So today my favorite song is The Cave by Mumford & Sons.