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Today for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop I’m going to share something with you. Something old, something young, something that I look at and wonder, “What the hell happened!” 

Today I’m sharing a photo that represents how you see yourself.

This was my high school senior picture and I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember getting up and planning what I was going to wear for pictures that day, and being glad that it was a Friday and that I didn’t have to work. And the best part about that day was how incredibly awesome my hair turned out! I mean look at it! Everything went well… the curls…. my huge bangs…. everything! Perfect!

That night my friends and I went out partying to a movie and dinner. We had a blast.

So you’re wondering why that picture? Why do you see yourself that way? And the answer to that question is, I’m not sure. It’s me. A much younger version of me that’s for sure.

When I look in the mirror I often times see that person. I see the person that had all these grand hopes and dreams for the future but still had no idea what they were going to do. Living day to day, having fun with friends and with barely a care in the world.

Some people loved high school, some hated it, and some were just indifferent about it. I loved it. If you asked me if I liked it back then I’m sure I would have told you no. It was a good time in my life. A time that I look back on often and wonder where did all the years go? How has it been almost 20 years since I’ve graduated!

I’ve changed a lot since then. I’ve learned a lot. Made mistakes. I’ve gone to college. Gotten married. Gotten divorced. Married again. I’ve traveled. I’ve had children. I’ve seen the world change around me at a very fast pace.

But that’s me.

10 reasons I’m glad that it’s fall

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This is gonna be short and sweet! And it’s because this is an easy prompt and I just love fall! As a matter of fact I haven’t found a single person that doesn’t! And if you happen to be one of them that dislikes fall share with me the reason you don’t. I’m curious!

This list is in no specific order.

1. Apple cider. Especially if it’s fresh from the orchard. The stuff from the store is alright but it just isn’t the same.

2. Fresh picked apples from the orchard. The smell, the colors, the taste. Mmmm..

3. Things made from those apples. I really love apple pie.

4. Cooler weather. After hot, humid Michigan summers I’m ready for a change.

5. High school football games. I love to go and support my kids school. It’s fun, we see a lot of people we know, and we have an awesome band!

6. Fall colors in Michigan are amazing! Especially if you take a trip up north. It’s beautiful. Trust me.

7. Pumpkin. Another thing I love! Pumpkin is great in oatmeal, mixed in with a cake mix, and so many other things! And pumpkin pie is my favorite. And you know the worst thing happened last year…. there was a pumpkin shortage! Can you believe it?!?! I almost didn’t have pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. I’m stocking up this year.

8. The smell of fall. You can smell it in the crisp air on a sunny day when the leaves have changed colors and are starting to fall to the ground.

9. Raking huge leaf piles for the kids to jump into.

10. Corn mazes. We don’t get to do it often but they’re a ton of fun!

Actually, now that I think about just baking in the fall with apples, cranberries, pumpkin, and all that is great!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

What blogging means to me & why I do it.

It’s that time of week again! That’s right it’s my post for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!

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The topic that I chose was one that I’ve written about before, but it was in response to a post over at Mommy Wants Vodka about why I blog. So, I answered.

I thought about simply linking back to my old post for the workshop but thought I’d do a part two and elaborate upon it a bit more. Something short and sweet. This is it.

This weeks prompt….
Write about what blogging means to you. Why do you blog? What purpose does it serve you and how have you benefited from sharing a piece of yourself online this way?

I’ve been blogging since May of this year and have found that be successful at it you have to put forth a lot of work. Probably a lot more than I thought and I’m working on how to balance building a successful blog, working full time, and being a mom. I won’t lie, it’s damn hard. Really hard.

I like blogging. I like meeting new people even if they’re only online friends for now. I like knowing that I’m not the only one in this crazy place called motherhood. I like that most everyone out there is similar to me in many ways. I like that I have a hobby that I can do whenever, where ever, and it doesn’t require a costly trip to JoAnn’s for scrapbooking or sewing supplies!

I know that there is so much to learn about blogging, SEO, increasing readership/followers, coding, and simple maintenance of my blog. And I know that with time I’ll get it! And with the great circle of bloggers out there I have found an endless supply of help that I appreciate!

One thing that I do like is that my kids read my blog. They follow me too! The often ask, ‘have you updated your blog recently?’ and then they go off to read it! Great kids, huh!

The husband follows me too…. just not sure if he actually reads it though!

But at the end of the day, when all is said and done I do it for me. I blog simply because I want to. It’s for me to rant, rave, ramble, or just share a few thoughts. 

I hope that this answers the question.

The Breakfast Club – a memorable movie

The Breakfast ClubImage via WikipediaThe prompt from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop that I has to write on last minute is…. What was it about that movie? Describe A movie you once had memorized.

Yeah, I know. It’s late in the day but I had to do it. I love movies. And more importantly I love the John Hughes movies from the 80’s.

“They were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. Before the day was over, they broke the rules. Bared their souls. And touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.”
So if you don’t know The Breakfast Club is about 5 high school kids who get stuck in detention on a Saturday. These kids are as different as night and day but at the end of the day walk out knowing more about each other, understanding each others social group a bit more, and even friends.

I watch this movie any chance that I get no matter how far along the movie is! I think I may even own it (I know that I have Pretty in Pink & Sixteen Candles).

Some of my favorites scenes from The Breakfast Club are when they’re all running around the library dancing, sneaking through the hallways avoiding Vernon, Allison putting cereal and Pixie Stix on her sandwich, Brian reading the essay that he had written for all of them, Allison’s transformation, and of course the end where they all walk out together.

If you haven’t seen it go out and rent it now! Along with all the other iconic movies from the 80’s by John Hughes. They are amazing!

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I’m Falling….

I wasn’t going to do the Writer’s Workshop today because I have a lot going on at work but then decided I to do it anyway. It’s the only thing that I’ve been able to do with some regularity.

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The options this week were sort of difficult. I wasn’t sure what one to pick or how to go about writing about one of them. I thought about them a while and finally settled on a childhood fear that I’ve taken into my adult life.

So, how is fear defined? describes it as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

A fear can be anything and sometimes so real that it can be debilitating to a person. To children, something they fear can be so strong they actually think it’s real.

When I was a child, probably 8 years old or younger I had a dream that to this day (almost 30 yrs later) I remember vividly. It was so real to me and to this day I hold that fear.

It was a dark, gloomy day like just before a bad storm hits. There were dark clouds in the sky, but the wind was calm as I walked down the driveway towards the mail box. I don’t know why I was going out to get the mail since it was something that I didn’t normally do.

The next scene of my dream was me standing at the mailbox and the little boy who lived across the street was there with me and a little girl, a friend I assume. We talked for a bit and I was afraid, but I can’t remember why or of what.

I finally opened the mailbox and as I opened it I fell into the earth. It was a huge hole and I just fell, and fell, and fell. Fast. Like a free fall.

To this day I do not like free falling rides and even sometimes roller coasters that go down at a steep angle bother me. They scare the living hell out of me. I hate the feeling of falling as we go down a hill on the roller coaster as your body is lifted off the seat. I hold on as tight as I can and keep my eyes closed even tighter. There are those who love the rush and will do it again and again. Not me.

It’s possible that it’s totally an irrational fear or maybe not. But for me it’s none the less a fear. One based on a childhood dream and one that I can’t seem to let go.

They’re alive! Really, they are!!

KnuffelsImage via WikipediaIt’s that time of week again! Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop!! I really think that this is my favorite day of the week!

This week the choice was easy. I decided to write about the things you oddly obsessed about as a child.

When I was a child I had lots of dolls, stuffed animals, Barbies, and what not. But then again what child didn’t! They were all in my room where I played with them day in and day out, sometimes alone and sometimes with my friends or my little sister. 

At night things changed though. Everything was different. I truly believed that all of my toys came to life. And I’m pretty sure that Pixar mined my brain for the idea for the Toy Story movies! But that aside, the toys in my room were real, alive, and had a life their own. I would talk to them as if they were real people and cared for them in the same way. I was careful with them… okay, that part may be a bit of the truth being stretched. I was a kid after all!

Because the toys were alive I knew that I had to treat them nicely! They would get upset or I’d hurt their feelings. And then if that happened I’d be upset too.

The imagination of a child is incredibly amazing. We think of anything and everything, we believe almost anything. As a child we want to believe everything. As children we don’t discount anything as impossible and why should it be? Given time anything is possible!

To this day I let my children believe what they want, because who am I to crush their dreams & hopes and tell them what they believe isn’t real? They’re only children once and I saw let them enjoy it while they can.

Just remember your toys can come alive at night too!

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My Kids & their Baby Blues

The most unbelievable blue eyes you’ve ever seen…

I think doing these writing workshops have to be my favorite thing to do!  So setting aside all of the tasks that are building up for the #31DBBB I’m here writing from one of Mama Kat’s prompts.

When I think of the prompt that I chose I think how many people are going to write about their kids, that one guy, their husband, or something else. For me the first thing that came to my mind was my kids. Honestly, I don’t spend much time gazing at people’s eyes! That’d be pretty damn creepy!

My children are amazing creatures. They can be funny, loving, intense, annoying, and challenging all at the same time. There are times I wonder if I’m totally screwing them up or if they’ll be well adjusted adults. Guess time will tell!

There is one thing that my children all have in common, and that’s the amazing large, blue eyes. And I love it. Each of them has a slightly different shade than the others too and in this respect a bit different.

My oldest, Caitlin, has always had these BIG blue eyes. They’re a bright blue and really stand out in contrast to her dark hair and skin.

Natalie is my little blue eyed blond baby. She’s the only one who has blond hair, although the jury is still out on what color Andrew’s will be. Her’s are a light, crisp blue.

Now, Lauren looks similar to her older sister Caitlin in that they have the same skin coloring and hair color. But her eyes are a blue-gray color that seem to change depending on the weather.

My youngest is Andrew and the baby of the family (really he is… he’s only 6 months old). By now his eyes would have changed colors if they were going to and I’m happy to say that they stayed blue! He has such a serious look for someone so small.

Of course they got those amazing blue eyes from me! 

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A Long Drive Through Scottish Countryside

Well, it’s that time again kiddies! It’s my weekly Writer’s Workshop post via Mama Kat and this week there are a few choices that I’ve been pondering since getting the email this morning. But eventually the decision was made and here it is.

A long drive…

It was an unusually warm, and sunny day as we set out early in the morning for a long drive through the Scottish countryside. It was our first day out and we wanted to make the most of the day and the wonderful weather. I was excited to say the least and it was like a dream come true to be there. We had our map, a general idea of the things we wanted to see, and a car with a tank full of gas.

It didn’t take us long to see why people came to photograph the beautiful countryside. It was amazing! Rolling green hills, pastures dotted with cows, farms, and cottages with thatched roofs.

Occasionally, we would pass through a small village and stop to wander the streets and shops. People were very friendly, warm, and inviting. It left me wondering if I ever wanted to go back home. By the time we were in the second village we had found a pub to have lunch in and by far it was the best lunch I had in a while. Home cooked food is always the best! They had fresh, local vegetables, pies, and breads.

The day continued at a slow pace stopping when we felt like it, checking out villages, castles, and whatever caught our attention as we drove. By the time we returned to our hotel we had a camera full of pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

Okay, pretty good, huh? Now if it were only true! Yes….yes, I made it all up.

 Someday I would love to travel to Scotland or even Ireland and spend a couple weeks traveling the countryside and enjoying all that they have to offer. They’re beautiful countries, with rich history that’s just waiting to be explored and discovered by someone new all the time.

Who knows… I may take that long drive one day and tell you all about it first hand and include all of those amazing photo’s that I would take.

Thank you again, Mama Kat for the Writer’s Workshops! They’re a lot of fun and help me find new and interesting things to blog about!

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The Worst Sunburn Ever!

I really have to say first of all … DO NOT DO THIS! You will get burnt and on top of that smell bad.

I think that it must have been the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and of course my parents were gone so I took the opportunity to have my girlfriends over. We went swimming, laid out in the sun, party at a friends house later than night, and all that fun summer stuff.

Now, to the good part. I couldn’t find the sun tan oil… only sunblock. And I did not want sunblock I mean how was I to get a good tan if I had sunblock on. Since I couldn’t find the sun tan oil we substituted vegetable oil. Yea… vegetable oil. This proves that kids are not always as smart as they think they are.

By the end of the day I thought I had a pretty nice tan. Went into shower and realized that I was actually burnt and that the hot water did not feel all that good and on top of that the damn vegetable oil did not wash off as well as I’d thought.

So, the evening progresses… I got the oil off but not the horrible smell. I’m sure that I smelled like a french fry or something! And of course I got more red as the night went on and it was not fun.

It was the kind of sunburn that no matter how hot it is outside you get the chills, radiate heat from your entire body, and are red for several days. Did I mention that it was not fun?

The vegetable oil smell didn’t go away for almost a week and to this day when I smell it I think of that summer.

Okay… now you can laugh until your hearts content.

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Crap!! Turn it off!!!

I just stumbled upon Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop and thought this would be fun! Especially with the topics that she chose! The tough part was deciding which one to write on. I finally decided to go with the “mom of the year moment”!

A movie you probably should have previewed before letting your kids watch.
Oh… where to start! I mean I’ve had this moment more times than is acceptable. But in my defense it’s only been with my oldest daughter who is 14 (going on 23). 
Let’s start with the first ‘incident’ I had heard of this new show on HBO called True Blood and knew that it was a book series and sounded pretty good. So, we sat down to watch the first episode…. yea, if you’ve watched you know what happens in the first 5 minutes or so and you’re either gasping in horror at me or laughing. Oops. 

Moving on. The second incident. I’m at the video rental store and the husband told me to pick something out. I figured okay, I can do this. I got a movie that looked pretty funny based on the previews we’d seen on TV. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is rated R and we’ve seen R rated movies that weren’t that bad. Again. Wrong. Holy Crap! Full frontal nudity!

Seriously, you can’t move fast enough to get the remote and turn it off! And in those moments you fumble like an idiot! 

My daughter says, “Good job, mom”,  the husband says, “Yea, good job mom”.

Because I knew that these movies/tv shows were that …. what’s the word…. adult oriented. And now I know and they tease me often about it and usually don’t let me pick movies anymore.
It’s a good thing that my daughter is well adjusted.

Oh… by the way… we preview a bit more before we let her watch movies now.