Playdough at Moonfrye

Ever since my girls were little they would sit at the table and play with playdough for hours and you know what? They still do.

I┬ábelieve┬áthat it is the one activity that they will sit down and take part in with their little brother. Do you know what’s better than just plain old playdough from the store? Making some from scratch! It’s super simple, lots of fun, and the kids can help out with it too.

dough making

Today you can check out my post at Moonfrye and get the recipe for making your own playdough.

It’s perfect fun for cold, winter days!

Write on Edge Feature!

I think that I’ve posted more this week than I have in months! But today is a special day because I am the featured writer on Write on Edge where I’m sharing one of the posts I wrote in response to a Red Writing Hood prompt.

Write on Edge quickly became one of my favorite sites not only because of the great prompts, but also because of the supportive community that has grown with the site. It’s a place where I can go to learn & grow as a writer, a place where I can find useful feedback, where I can always find support, as well as find some incredible stories to read.

I love reading and have always enjoyed writing even though it hasn’t been my strong suit. Write on Edge allows me to write without worry or concern and with their continued support I will keep writing and growing.

So to all of you at Write on Edge I say thank you! Thank you for all that you do. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am in my writing and most of all I would have never taken the chance to take part in NaNoWriMo this year.

I’m the Theta Mom Featured Blogger

Let me just tell you how excited I am to be the Theta Mom Featured Blogger! Super, duper excited! Jump up and down squealing excited! Of course that would look pretty silly and people would wonder what in the world was wrong with me!

It all started with a message on Twitter from Heather asking me to DM her my email address. So I did and shortly after that I got the awesome email saying that she wanted to feature my blog on Theta Mom and hoped that I’d be interested! Umm… yes! I mean who wouldn’t be interested in being the featured blogger on such a great site?

So to all my new visitors, Welcome & thanks for stopping by to check out my little corner of the internet! I’m glad that everyone has taken a bit of time to come visit! So a little about me! I’m a wife, a mom to 4 great kids, I work outside the home, and I’ve been doing this blogging thing since May! It’s incredible how many new & wonderful people that I have met over the past few months and even better is the friendships that I’ve made with a lot of these people. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s something that I hope to continue to keep doing.

I found something out today too! This is my 107th post! Can you believe it? I was going to do something special for my 100th post and some how I totally missed it! In all honesty…. I didn’t think that I was all that close. I figured that I had a few more or so to go before I reached that special mark of my 100th post.

Just to be different I’m celebrating my 107th post!! And that I’m the Theta Mom Featured Blogger!

I want to thank Heather making the featured blogger. It’s a great honor and I truly appreciate it. I’d also like to thank the readers who have stuck with me these few months and continued to follow me! And to all the new followers… thank you too! Introduce yourselves so I know you’re here!

I’m Featured!!

I’m so excited!! Today I am the featured blogger over at The Red Dress Club!

Yesterday when I got home from work there was an email waiting for me from Cheryl from Mommypants asking me if I’d be interested in being the featured blogger this week! My answer was an immediate YES! I mean who would say no?

Needless to say I was super excited and did a silly happy dance in the middle of the kitchen with my son. He didn’t get it when I explained it to him, but then again he’s only 9 months old.

So take a minute or two and head on over there to check out the site that Cheryl and Nichole (from in these small moments) have created. The weekly writing is a lot of fun and really helps you grow as a writer. I’ve enjoyed doing it and will continue to do so.

Thank you Cheryl and Nichole for selecting me this week to be the featured blogger. I am honored.