In need of a clothing sponsor…

Dovetailing off of my bout with mom hair comes the mom clothing and the fact that I need a clothing sponsor. Why? Because I lost some weight (WOOHOO) and all of summer/warm weather clothing no longer fits. When I say that it no longer fits I mean that even with a belt it looks like I put on a huge sack and tried to cinch it around my waist.

Wearing clothing that is 3 or 4 sizes to big isn’t comfortable and I know… I tried it for while thinking that they fit until my kids pointed out that my jeans were sagging really bad and looked terrible. Guess that’s why they felt all bunchy, huh?

So with our Disney trip looming I am left pondering what do I wear and most importantly I don’t want to look like I belong on what not to wear! Of course now that I think about it maybe they’ll take all my old stuff that doesn’t fit and replace it with cute new stuff that does fit!

Anyway, then there are my kids who like to point out what I should and shouldn’t wear. Like Miss Me jeans, anything from Victoria Secret Pink emblazoned across my butt, and a variety of other things because I’m… old… gasp!

I have a few thoughts of what I think is cute, trendy, and mom of teens friendly…

summer outfit #1 summer outfit #2

summer outfit #3Of course, I’m not sure about the hat but maybe it’s time I take a risk and just wear it. To me these all look comfy, trendy, and would allow me to still chase the toddler around the Disney parks and most importantly not embarrass the teens.

Okay, so the cute outfits need money… lots of money and because I’m not rolling in the dough I think that I need a clothing sponsor or two.

So here’s my thought… they get me in a 3 -5 new outfits that have interchangeable pieces and I will wear then all over Florida (and here at home in Michigan when it warms up). Not only that I will blog about the awesome outfits they gave me, I will share pics of me enjoying the warm Florida weather in the clothes on Instagram, make fun 6 second videos and share them on Vine, Tweet about the great weather and how the clothes are great for it, and of course Facebook about it.

Doesn’t it sound fair?

I think so.

Okay, now I just have to find those clothing sponsors and get them to see things my way.

PS…. this is all in jest. While I do need some clothes to wear to Disney I don’t actually expect someone to give them to me.

Dressing the kids with Tea Collection

I have always loved shopping! And now that I have kids that love of shopping only gives me more reasons to hit the stores or the Internet and find some super cute things for them.

I will admit that it is a lot more fun to shop for girls because girls clothes are more fun and there are a lot more options really. Now, that’s not to say that my son doesn’t have some nice things it just that they’re not as cute as the girls. But… that is about to change because I have found that I can get some of the coolest outfits for him at Tea Collection!

Lauren wearing her Tea Collection tunic

The new Bali collection from Tea is amazing. Dresses, shorts, tunics, and cute tops are full of fun patterns and bright colors that are sure to make you smile. What I like is that a lot of them are interchangeable with one another which makes for so many more options.

I couldn’t believe how cute my kids looked in their new outfits (I could be biased)!

Andrew's Tea Collection Shirt

Andrew's Tea Collection Shirt

The outfit that I got for Andrew is so adorable but because it was chilly (after a couple weeks of summer like weather) getting him out in shorts was not the best idea so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you that he looked adorable! I will be getting him a couple more pieces that I can mix and match for the summer

Lounging with Tea Collection

This shot was her idea and of course her favorite!

Lauren loved her outfit if you couldn’t tell! She wore for her birthday party and kept telling me how comfy it was and that she wanted to wear it again and again!

Are you looking to build your child’s summer wardrobe? If so, then you can win a $100 gift certificate from Tea Collection!

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Fresh Produce Review!

It’s no secret that I love Fresh Produce clothing! It’s really comfortable, it fits well, and best of all it’s stylish while not looking like it was made for my teen or my grandma (Yes, this is really important).

Fresh Produce Logo

I recently had the opportunity to check out the Cafe Wrap Dress and because the weather was warming up and I wanted something that had lots of color I got it in Pink Sapphire! I’ll be honest with you… I almost got this in a more neutral color (black) because those are my safe, go-to colors, but I am really glad that I didn’t this time. It’s gorgeous! And what I like best about it is that it really is versatile because I can wear it as is or pair it with some capri length leggings & a cardigan or scarf, dress it up with heels & jewelry or go more casual with a simple necklace and flats.

Cafe Wrap DressAnother awesome feature is that it’s a faux wrap so I don’t have to figure out how to get the dress to stay shut so people don’t get a free show if I move just right. The length is perfect for me too just gracing the knee…. not to short and not to long which means that I can wear it to work or out on the town.

Have you checked out their site yet? If not head over there and check out some of the great super cute beach dresses for this summer or some of the Caribbean inspired clothing with a relaxed feel to them, and on a cooler day you can always try a pair of their comfortable pants. They have lots of layering options for day or a casual evening with skirts, tank tops, cardigans, and capris. I always find something there that I love.

me in the dress

Please ignore the complete lack of make-up..... my pink eye almost matches the color of the dress.

Do you own anything from Fresh Produce? What do you think of it?

Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside of the US can enjoy the colorful styles that Fresh Produce has to offer, too!

Disclosure: Fresh Produce provided me with the awesome Cafe Wrap Dress to review but all of the thoughts are my own! I really do love their clothing!



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Fresh Produce ~ Clothing to Live In!

Recently I was able to check out some great clothing from the company Fresh Produce and let me tell you…. the clothing is amazing! I was really excited to work with them and I swear I spent hours going through their website putting together outfits in my head from all the things they offer as well as figuring out what I could pair those cute capris with or the tunic top or my most favorite piece ever… the Coastal Wrap cardigan with clothing from my closet! It didn’t take me long to figure out that I could easily spend my entire paycheck on some new outfits.

Fresh Produce was started way back in 1984 by a husband and wife duo selling brightly colored t-shirts and jewelry at the 1984 Olympics in California and from there they built up a great clothing line that is comfortable, affordable, and fun to wear!

They have so many options to choose from whether you are a dress girl and want a cute daytime dress or prefer something along the lines of capris to chase your toddler through the park in! There are even some cute party dresses for that special event you have coming up! I highly recommend that you take a look at what they have & I’m sure that you’ll find something that you absolutely love.

Fresh Produce sent me a few pieces to check out. First was the Wrap Me Up dress which I fell in love with the moment I opened the package! The fabric was a beautiful gray color and was soft, stretchable, and very figure friendly! Once I had it on I was surprised how well it looked & fit because I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant since not all dresses look that good on me. With this dress I was able to imagine all the way I could dress it up or wear it in a more casual manner.

Wrap Me Up DressAndrew & I posing in my Fresh Produce Dress
There are a few other dress that I really love and one of them is rather similar to the Wrap Me Up Dress that I’m wearing above. It’s the Cafe Wrap Dress and it is shorter with cap sleeves but still the same wrap look to it. That and the cardigan will probably be my next purchase!

I was also sent a cute pair of pants and top. Again I was hesitant because more often than not pants are not true to size and rarely fit me because I am a bit bottom heavy. So I followed the size chart that Fresh Produce has on their site and ordered based on that. And to my surprise the pants fit amazingly well! I was really impressed with how well they did with the size chart.

Broadcloth Pants & Vintage CowlneckBroadcloth Pants & Vintage Cowlneck
This is me in the Thistle (light purple) colored Vintage Cowl Neck top and the Broadcloth Roll Up pants in Vanilla (creamish).

Overall I would highly recommend the Fresh Produce clothing line to anyone. They’re great casual pieces that can be dressed up for a night out or even work if you want.

Disclosure – The products featured in this review were provided to me  free of charge by the manufacturer. All of the opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by anyone or anything.