Brandcation ~ Yes! I want to go!

It’s no secret that I’ve only been to a couple small, but awesome blog conferences and that I would love to go to a few more but there is always one reason or another that causes me to not go. Usually, it comes down to cost.

Well, recently I learned about Brandcation which is a VERY small conference (33- 35 people) that’s all about networking and meeting & working with the brands that help make the conference possible. To me this sounds perfect!

I bet you’re wondering why…. well because I’m making a bit of a change around here. I’ve been blogging for over 2 years now (yup, my blogversary came & went with no fanfare) and have decided that it’s time to start making some money from blogging. I have branched out and am starting to work with more brands and companies to help spread the word about how great they are.

Getting into PR work and finding out how to work with brands and getting them to actually work with you isn’t easy. I’ve sent so many emails and many have probably been disregarded and deleted since I haven’t heard back. It’s difficult but I have gotten some responses and am doing my best to represent them and show off their products.

Brandcation is exactly what I need to get a jump start on my new adventure into the PR world! Being able to work with great brands and experienced bloggers would be an experience that would not only be educational & rewarding but it would also be one of the best vacations ever!

Why? Well take a look at this place! I mean who wouldn’t want to stay here for a few day without a bunch of other incredible bloggers, kid free, and having a great time?

brandcation cabin

Oh… and this…


Sitting out there on the deck enjoying the view with a cup of tea in the morning or a nice glass of wine in the evening. Perfect!

This years Brandcation is sold out. Actually, it was sold out in the span of just a couple of days so this post is my plea… I would love to win the last ticket, free of charge, and the lodging, free of charge courtesy of  Life with Levi, and Mom Dot. To add to the prize there is also $100 to help with my food and extra expenses/travel courtesy of Toni from Just Stop Screaming. Awesome right!

The weekend has so much in store aside from the pretty cool cabin that we’d be staying in and the brands we would be working with. There are a few side trips scheduled too…

Now, for me it’s good because most every trip that I take (even to the grocery store) requires me taking one of my kids…. usually the toddler. A weekend away would be the best thing ever and I’ll share something with you…. this would be a great way to celebrate my birthday… yea, the big 4-0!
Well there you have it. My please pick me as the winner for the last Brandcation ticket in the known world post.