Becca’s Date

Welcome back! It’s Fiction Friday and I have another installment of Becca & Jake’s story. Last week I asked if you could suggest a title for it and Stephanie came up with Playing with Fire. What do you think?

It had been almost a year and a half since Jake had passed away and Becca found herself at the day spa getting ready for a dinner date. She wasn’t quite sure how she’d gotten to this point because she wasn’t looking to date but she let her friend talk her into a blind date a couple weeks ago and to her surprise they actually hit it off.

Max was the complete opposite of Jake. Max was very tall where Jake was of average height. Jake was sandy blond where Max had thick, dark hair. Blue eyes for Jake and milk chocolate eyes for Max. The differences went on and on from there but she refused to let herself continue to compare them any more. It wasn’t fair really and she was finally getting used to the idea of dating again.

The nail tech brought her out of her thoughts. “Alright, what color do you want today?”

Becca looked up. “Umm.. how about a french manicure this time.”

The two chatted while her nails were finished and then Becca headed home to change and put her make up on. She couldn’t believe how great she felt after spending the day at the spa! A facial, massage, manicure and a pedicure can do wonders for a person she thought and made a mental note to do it again soon.

Becca slipped into the her favorite dress. While everyone else wore a little black dress she wore one that was a deep purple color that barely skimmed her knees and fell in a deep V in the front and back. The dress made her feel sexy and confident and she was hoping that Max would like it too.

She sighed as she looked into the mirror. “Why am I trying so hard to impress him?” She slid her feet into her black heels and grabbed her bag just as the doorbell chimed. With one more glance in the mirror and a deep breath she said, “Here goes nothing.”

Becca opened the door and took in the sight of Max standing there in a well fitted black suit. “Hi,” she said softly.

“Hi…. you look amazing, Becca.”

She smiled at him. “Thanks.”

“Are you ready to go,” he asked.

“Yea, just let me grab my purse.”

Max placed his hand at the small of her back as the walked out to his car and Becca felt butterflies in her stomach at his touch.

They had reservations at a local restaurant that had recently opened up and was beyond their expectations. They talked all evening over a bottle of wine, letting their fingers skim across each others when they reached for their glasses.

There was definitely chemistry thought Becca and she was beginning to hope that he felt the same way. They reached her place and she looked over at Max, “Would you like to come up for coffee or something?” She felt silly asking but she wasn’t ready for the night to end yet.

His smile when he responded brought back those little butterflies again. “Sure.”

She let them in the door and as she closed it he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

Becca melted into his body as her arms wrapped around him pulling him closer. She wanted to feel the strength of his arms and chest as she ran her hands over them. But it wasn’t long and she pulled back with a gasp. “Umm… Coffee?”

Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood

It’s time for a change in outward appearance, be it a character, yourself, or someone in your life. In 500 words or less, write about a makeover of your choice (hair, clothes, makeup, facial hair for the menfolk), fictional or memoir/creative non-fiction. Let’s think about how physical appearance changes can affect the inner landscape.