Be Enough Me – Working, Kids, & Guilt

I may have said this once or twice before but I feel guilty when I leave the house to go to work. I feel terrible that I’m not there for my son like I was for his sisters when they were little. I feel really bad when he follows me to the door and cries when I leave.

There are times that I wonder if he will grow up as smart and talented as his sisters because I’m not there to teach him things, do things with him, or help him in the same way that I did with the girls. It breaks my heart.

It upsets me that he spends all day with a babysitter who has children of her own to attend to in addition to mine and that he isn’t going to get the full attention that I think he deserves. Then I wonder will she sit with him and teach him to write his name, show him what the letters of the alphabet are, or how to count. The answer is simple…. probably not. It’s not her job and she isn’t paid to be a preschool teacher. Is it what I would like… of course.

I have missed out on so many things and so many of those moments when I could have taught him something good instead of him learning to scream when he wants something.

But this I do know without a doubt. I love my son and my daughters and they know that without a doubt.

I also know that I work so they can have the things they want, need, and desire. I work to help pay the bills because I have to, not because I want to. I am working so my son and his sisters can have a better life. Shouldn’t that be enough?

So for now I am making the best of our situation and spending what time I can with my children when I’m not at work. I’m making sure that I’m there for them when they need me.

I’m taking time off of work to do their school activities.

And yes, once in a while I’ll call in sick, take a vacation day, or just take an unpaid day off so I can stay home with them.

For us and for now…. that is enough.

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Because you CAN.