AWESOME deal on skin care from DDF!

When it comes to my skin I still haven’t found that one product that is perfect and my go to solution no matter what. I’ve tried various face washes, scrubs, lotions, and potions and still keep looking.

I will say that I’ve heard a lot about these microdermabrasion products lately and how great they are for your skin and the DDF Revolve 400X just might be the perfect thing for me. Oh… and it will fit nicely in my Christmas stocking…. hint! hint!





Take a look at what it can do too!
* 8X better exfoliation than a scrub alone
* Better absorption of skincare products
* After just one microdermabrasion treatment, see immediate improvement in pore appearance, skin tone and evenness, fine lines, skin clarity and brightness, and radiance
* After one week, also see a significant improvement in texture and smoothing of bumpy surface


I’m all for improving my pore appearance. After having oily skin and pimples through my early teen years I am often looking for a way to help minimize my pores and keep those pesky wrinkles at bay.

I have an awesome deal for you right now! You can get the Revolve 400x at $45 (retail price $98) and free shipping. Through Jan 31, 2013. Make sure to use the code DDFMICRODERMA.

If you want to try our some of their skin care products if you buy 1 you can get the 2nd product half price and free shipping, through Jan 31, when you use the code 2013DDFSKIN.

If you’re not sure which product is right for your skin you can use the online tool guide to help you determine your unique skin condition(s) and then they’re recommend the right products for you! Easy peasy!

Have you tried a microdermabrasion product before? What do you think about it?