About One’s Best Features!

A while back I was given the opportunity to use the About One software from Ashley at Just Another Mom of 2 to see what I thought about it and then write a review. And here’s what I think… It’s great! Really, it is. After I got it all figured out and started using it I found more and more features that I love and are useful.


My About One Home Page

The home page is really easy to configure and I think that I had it done in the first 10 minutes or so that I had the account. Really, the hardest part for me was figuring out which picture to use for each family member! One of the great features that they offer is live help. You can’t really see it in the right hand corner over there in the picture, but it’s there! Thankfully the software is so intuitive that I haven’t had to get help yet!


It's an address book!

Okay, I will admit that I knew About One has an address book. But I kept looking for something that said “address book” or something along those lines and for the life of me I could not find it! I was starting to get annoyed with myself! And then I finally figured it out. Relationships! And this is my favorite feature!! It holds almost every piece of information that you need to know about someone! Address, phone numbers, business information, birthday, anniversary, and a section to add notes! What’s great is that I can export it to an Excel document. This will be great when it comes to our family reunion because I’ll be able to input all the family contacts and then export it to share with everyone!

Another feature that I haven’t used yet but plan it in the future is the ability to create and send cards and invitations out to the people in your address book. This is an amazing time saver! Can you imagine how fast I would have been done with all my holiday cards? So easy!


Creating cards or invitations is easy!

You can even see the red error message box telling me that some of my contacts are missing data. Of course this is because I didn’t know all of the information for all my family members when I was adding them. But the About One software allows me to update and change information as necessary!

So what is this About One software I keep talking about here. Well, it’s an online organizational and household management program! You can input all sorts of info from medical records, home records, lists for your babysitter, and of course an address book.  It’s a very versatile program and your information is always safe and secure so there is no need to worry.

I should also tell you that as well as being given the opportunity to use the About One software to review it, I also am writing this post as my entry to the About One contest to go to Blissdom! I can’t tell you how amazing it would be to be able to go to Blissdom! It seems that almost every person that I talk to daily (on Twitter of course) is going. And when I go to Blissdom I can enter all the great contacts I make into my About One  account so I never lose their information!

If selected as a one of the three finalists I will need everyone’s help because the big winner will be based on who gets the most comments on the About One page!!

The voting has started!! Please vote for me over here –> http://www.aboutone.com/blissdom-finalist-whats-your-vote/