About Me

Hi! I’m Jackie and I’m the voice behind the blog here at With Just a Bit of Magic.

Jackie Park-Cross

I’m a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. So let me try to elaborate on that a little more.

I’m married to a great man, we have 4 wonderful kids, and we live in mid-Michigan. We’re centrally located so we can hit up Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids, metro Detroit, or even places north in as little as a 30 minute drive.

My oldest is Caitlin (17). She is incredibly intelligent loves sports, community theater, playing her sax and the piano. She has goals for her future, knows what she wants, and probably won’t let anything stop her.

Next is Natalie (13). She is my blond haired, blue-eyed baby! She’s always been the child that would sit and entertain her self for hours. She’d sit at the table and draw, color, or play with Play-Doe and really she still does to this day. She’s very outgoing, loves talking with her friends, and has her own unique fashion sense and doesn’t care what others think about it.

Lauren (10) is the youngest girl. Well… she’s just Lauren. Always concerned about people and doesn’t like it when people are upset with her. She’s pretty easy going and is the one who’s always excited to go to school. Also… she talks. A lot. Non-stop.

Andrew (3) is the baby. He’s a mama’s boy right now, but I’m sure that will change as he gets older. He’s always getting into something, but he’s cute, cuddly, and adored by his sisters! Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

They’re my life and I love them more than anything.

My Family

Work. Ahh…. yes. I work full time. It makes things more challenging, but who doesn’t like a good challenge? I work for a small software development company as a product owner. It’s similar to a project manager, but it follows an Agile methodology as opposed to the traditional project management style. On occasion I do some UX (usability/user experience) and QA (quality assurance) work to help out the team get things done on time.

I also work as a social media consultant at Say Computer and help out with the Hay There Social Media Tweet Team™. Social media is my true love and I am working at learning more, growing my knowledge, and using it more every day.

You can reach me via email or anyone of my social media channels and if you’re looking for PR info please check out the PR welcome page.