A Snack with Grandpa

Plums with some glaucous coating visible

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Write about your favorite fresh fruit or vegetable. Share a memory of when you first tasted it, where it came from, when you last had it, a favorite way to prepare it, and such.

I never had a plum until I stayed at my grandparents house one summer. They looked weird and I thought that they would be really gross…. of course this thought was that of a small child.

My grandpa always ate plums and was able to finally get me to try one while I was there.

He handed me the plum was heavy in my hand and a deep purple, almost black color with a sheen to it’s skin. It took me some time before I finally decided to bite into it because I was so sure that I would not like it. It sort of reminded me of olives which I hated.

I gave in. My teeth sunk into it with a small snap of the skin and then into the soft flesh of the plum. It was ripe. And to my surprise very delicious.

The juices of it burst with sweetness as they dripped down my chin with each bite. I was surprised how much I liked it and it was nothing like what I had expected.

To this day I love fresh plums especially the dark purple ones and always make it a point to get some when I find them at the store. I will leave them on the counter to fully ripen before I eat them otherwise the flavor just isn’t the same. I love the sweet, juiciness of them. There is nothing that compares to it… well maybe a ripe white flesh nectarine!

I would like to try some recipes with plums, crisps, tarts, and things like that. Or even grilled… it seems that the Food Network shows grill lots of various fruit with success!

My grandpa was right, plums are good.