A Beautiful Winter Morning

Doesn’t that title sound like it belongs to a poem? I think so, but alas… you won’t be finding poetry here because as much as I love it I just cannot write it.

Instead I give you this.

Winter 2008

Winter at my house 2008

Normally when I drive into work when the roads are snow covered I tend to take the ‘safe’ route. You know, the one where you’re sure that the roads are clear and I do this because of my deep fear of landing in a ditch again. Instead I took the back way into work and I’m glad that I did.

It was truly a beautful morning. It was that time where it’s between night and day, just as dawn is starting to break.  The sky was just starting to lighten up and I could see the full moon through a thin veil of clouds. The snow was slowly falling from the sky and had been for some time.

The ground was covered in a smooth layer of fluffy white snow, covering mounds here and there that looked like big marshmallows on the ground. The road was covered lightly as well and as I drove down the road the snow glistened as my headlights reflected off of it. It had a magical look to it all.

My back way takes me through the country so there are a lot of open fields, farms, large homes, and lots of holiday lights. Many people had their holiday lights on so it only added to the magic of it all as they twinkled in the twilight.

By time I reached town the roads started to clear and then as I passed a large salt truck the realization hit me that soon the beautiful white snow would quickly be turned to brown, slushy, slop that is far, far from what I saw on my way into work.

The beauty of a snowy, winter morning can be peaceful and enjoyable.