15 Reasons

This week is all off because of the holiday on Monday and so in honor of keeping things off around here I thought that I’d do one of Mama Kat’s prompts this week. The first one is easy peasy… 15 Reasons You’re Awesome and it’s kinda fun because the other day I wrote about 15 things then too! The real test will be if I can come up with a 15 list for Friday!

Honestly, I’m wondering if I can even come up with 15 reasons I’m awesome… then again I could just make things up and hope they sound good.


1. I am a mom. That alone is pretty awesome because it’s no easy task being a mom.

2. I am awesome because I finally stuck with a weight loss plan and am now starting to make better choices for myself. It’s no longer a weight loss plan… it’s a life style! One that will keep me in shape and hopefully in better health.

3. I am awesome because after deciding that I was done having kids before my 30th birthday I went out and did it again. That probably just says that I’m crazy instead of awesome, right?

4. I am awesome because I survived alcoholic parents & an abusive step-dad.

5. I am awesome because I finally decided to go back to college while working full time and having 3 kids at home. It was important to me that I did it and proved that I could do. What it proved, besides those two things, is that college is freakin’ expensive and that I’d go to school and listen to lectures forever if I could.

whew… this is getting hard! Listing reasons why I’m awesome… maybe I’m not as awesome as I thought I was!

6. I am awesome because I can watch Jeopardy and get the majority of the questions right. Yes, I am the queen of useless knowledge!

7. I am awesome because I am a blogger. That alone should be at the top of the list, right?

8. I am awesome because I can sit here and write this post while answering one of the kids, watching Jeff Dunham, and pondering dinner. #multitasker

Wow… look at that! I’m over half way done with this list.

9. I am awesome because my teen is painting my 3 yr old son’s nails and I’m letting her. My husband on the other hand won’t like it that much and we can’t hide it because the toddler is pretty damn proud of his pretty nails.

10. I am awesome because I’m not all hipster cool like that and I haven’t degraded far enough yet to wear mom jeans. But I do have mom hair.

11. Speaking of mom hair… that’s another reason I am awesome. Not everyone can rock mom hair…. maybe I’m wrong about that. I probably am.

12. I am awesome because I “rescued” a dog while out on my bike ride last night. The dog was following me so I pulled off on to a side road so neither of us would get hit by a car. The dog didn’t have a collar or anything that would help find his family so we waiting until my husband & toddler came to get us in the truck. We spent the next hour driving around, stopping at houses in the countryside looking for his home, and we never found it. So, we took the dog home, gave him a bath, and let him in the house. He was a super friendly dog and you could tell that he was used to being in the house and around kids…. I hope that he gets back to his home.

13. I am awesome…. I’m outta things

14. I am awesome because well, #12 should be enough to count for the two that I skipped.

15. I am awesome because I’m the mom and I said so.

There are millions of reasons why we are all awesome! It seems that I could  have come up with a better list than this… oh well.

Now it’s your turn! Tell me why YOU are awesome!